Mr Green's Journal

Jul 30, 2021
Happy 13th Birthday Mr Green!

Mr Green turns 13, how exciting! Be sure to check out the delicious treats we’re serving up for his Birthday Bash!

May 31, 2021
We’re on a hunt in ‘Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt’!

Crashing through the rainforest and into the gameshow studio, packing powerful payout multipliers of up to 65x, Prize Drop features.. we won’t spoil it… go ahead and play!
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Mar 17, 2021
Blackjack – are you up for the challenge?

Ever fancied yourself as a Blackjack whizz, or perhaps, the game always piqued your interest, but just don’t know it enough to take the plunge? Fret no more, as we are here to solve your Blackjack woes. Our Live Blackjack lobby is brimming with names such as Blackjack Party, Speed Blackjack and Mr Green Live…

Aug 07, 2020
Happy Birthday Mr Green!

Mr Green celebrates 12 years of heart thumping thrills, mega jackpots and bountiful Free Spins. Come join us and get 120 Free Spins for JUST €12!

Red Tiger Interview ICE 2020
Mar 17, 2020
Red Tiger: ICE 2020 Interview

Huge thank you to Carl Ejlertsson the Director of Business Development at Red Tiger Gaming for taking a little time out of his hectic schedule to tell us about Red Tiger’s focus for 2020. Red Tiger game studios have had an amazing 2019 with smash-hit slot releases like Pirates Plenty, Dragon’s Luck and Golden Leprechaun…

Quickspin Interview ICE 2020
Mar 16, 2020
Quickspin: ICE 2020 Interview

We got a few minutes with Timo Vainiomäki of Quickspin, producers of hit slots like Sticky Bandits, Eastern Emeralds, The Wild Chase and the Big Bad Wolf to ask about 2020 and their hot new upcoming slot: Nero’s Fortune. It’s not just the “sexy” stand at ICE that caught our attention, Quickspin were showcasing their…

Micro Knights Slot ELK Studios
Feb 27, 2020
ELK Studios: ICE 2020 Micro Knights Interview

It’s Swedish firm ELK Studios 3rd year at ICE London and we managed to find a few minutes to chat with Brand & Marketing Manager, Jacob Nordwall to discuss ELK’s latest online slot release – Micro Knights (available to play February 25th 2020).

Jan 31, 2020
Mr Green Crowned ‘Operator of the Year 2020’

The EGR Nordics Awards 2020, which celebrates the most innovative and successful iGaming operators in the Nordic region, took place this week on Tuesday 28th January. AND THE AWARD GOES TO… MR GREEN! Ladies and gentlemen, here at Mr Green we are delighted to take home the prestigious headline award, ‘Operator of the Year 2020′!…

Nov 15, 2019
Mr Green’s Daily Christmas Rewards

The line is getting bigger and bigger by the minute. It’s unbelievable. This year, EVERYONE wants to be on Mr Green’s Nice List – even Santa.Well, it’s hardly surprising, after all we’ve got 47 days of DAILY rewards worth well over €1 MILLION lined up for our players this holiday season.

Jul 24, 2019
Come closer & we’ll tell you a secret…

From tiny tyke creating his first rocket ship from cardboard to a real-life spaceship, Mr Green always had a knack for coming up with ground-breaking inventions. Mr Green especially loves to come up with fun new ways to entertain you so that we can guarantee the best possible player experience online. In case you were…

Oct 05, 2018
The Party of the Decade

‘There is no room for more Casinos on the market’, Mr Green’s founders were told by competitors 10 years ago. Perhaps the competitors were right. Perhaps the market was already way too saturated all those years ago. But it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter because Mr Green’s founding fathers weren’t interested in creating ‘just another…

Sep 27, 2018
Malta Swimrun Experience

In collaboration with the founding directors of the ÖTILLÖ World Series and ÖTILLÖ World Championship, Mr Green is thrilled to announce that Swimrun is coming to Malta! The race will be held on November 17th in one of Malta’s most stunning locations -Golden Sands, and is designed to attract both first-timers as well as challenge experienced swimrunners….

Aug 21, 2018
And the Winner is…

Since the start of Mr Green’s 10 Year Anniversary campaign in January, we’ve been giving away MILLIONS in Free Spins & Cash Prizes, all-inclusive holiday experiences, super-cars and even pure GOLD! So, what’s it like to win something so very extraordinary? Well, we’ve talked to Miro from Finalnd, last month’s winner who was the lucky…

Jul 17, 2018
Got a plan(et) B?

A little over a year ago, Mr Green started the ‘Clean the Sea‘ initiative in the hopes of leaving the most ‘green’ footprint possible. As the Mr Green Head Office is based on the sunny island of Malta, our company has worked closely with the University of Malta to study the health of the Maltese…

Jun 14, 2018
Exclusive Interview: Hugo Goal

Find out everything you need to know about Play’n GO’s brand-new ‘Hugo Goal’ release in our exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with the award-winning digital game provider. Tamas, one of Play’n GO’s many talented game producers and main man behind the ‘Hugo Goal’ game creation gave us with some pretty awesome insights about how the slot was…

Jun 13, 2018
Party like a Hugo!

From football darts to Foosball and even beer pong, Play’n GO’s ‘Hugo Goal’ game launch party was a real kicker! On Friday 1st of June, the crème de la crème of the iGaming industry gathered at the Hilton in Portomaso, Malta to celebrate the launch of ‘Hugo Goal’ – the third edition of Play’n GO’s…

May 18, 2018
A Footballer’s Paradise

Mr Green was completely mesmerized by the stunning vistas as the longboat softly glided through the emerald water that was punctured by spectacular sea stacks. Savouring every second of his Thailand adventure, something in the far distance suddenly caught Mr Green’s eye. He grabbed his adventure kit and pulled out his binoculars and as clear…

Apr 02, 2018
‘Golden Colts’ Producer talks Wild Wild West

Back in February Mr Green pulled the trigger on releasing yet another exclusive slot game – ‘Golden Colts’. Exclusively available at Mr Green’s Online Casino for an ENTIRE year, players get to enjoy the thrilling Wild Wild West features of ‘Golden Colts’ before anyone else! Since the Golden Colts release, over 23,000 individual Mr Green…

Mar 20, 2018
Behind the Scenes in Latvia: The Las Vegas Draw

Minus 20 degrees Celsius? Frantically, I was going through my winter attire wondering how to possibly prepare for the blistering Latvian cold on my next work trip. Despite my fear of returning in a permanently frozen state, I was truly excited for my northbound trip! After all, I had the opportunity to accompany Mr Green’s…

Feb 12, 2018
Ice Ice Baby

London, February 6th 2018. Once a year the biggest names of the iGaming industry flock to the European metropolis of London to showcase their latest innovations and products at the Totally ICE Gaming Exhibition. With over 1,000 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors, ICE is a unique gathering place with hundreds of new products launches over three…

Sep 12, 2017
How to play Mr Green’s Keno

The classical Keno game has finally come to Mr Green. Keno is like a lottery and the perfect game for those who like to try their luck at guessing the winning numbers. Players wager by choosing numbers ranging from 1 to 80. After selecting 10 spots on the board, 20 numbers are drawn at random,…

Sep 08, 2017
Predictive tool for Green Gaming

Mr Green presents a new unique tool that will help players keep track of their behaviour and better detect if healthy playing is moving into the risk zone. The tool has been developed in collaboration with Sustainable Interaction, an industry leader in the development of self-help tools for online players. The predictive tool has been…

Jul 07, 2017
Mr Green ‘Clean the Sea’ Project

It’s well-known amongst Mr Green fans and players alike, that adventure and entertainment lay at the very heart of the gentleman himself – Mr Green. But it doesn’t end there, he also has other interests that are less well known. Amongst other things, Mr Green is a true environmental friend. That’s why in collaboration with…

Feb 24, 2017
The Tux – A complicated affair

The tuxedo has the power to send a man into the sartorial stratosphere, which is precisely why you must choose your tux wisely. Some black here, some white there – wearing a tux doesn’t appear to be a complicated affair at first sight. After all, a tux embodies simplicity, how hard could it be? Well,…

Dec 27, 2016
A true gentleman’s home

Being a proper gent or lady is not just about looking dapper from head to toe. Very much like your wardrobe is a mirror-image of your personality, your home should be no different. And if you’re anything like Mr Green and enjoy hosting the occasional get-to-together, having a few design-conscious pieces would make entertaining your…

Nov 22, 2016
A fine example of a true gentleman

Wearing a tailored suit, expensive shoes and fancy watch does not a gentleman make. Here are a few tasteful hints from Mr Green himself to evolve from man, to gentleman… You’ve seen them around town, dapper gents decked out in tailored three-piece suits, pocket squares and a snazzy pair of brogues. Now as much as…

Nov 22, 2016
Mr Green’s bowler hat fascination

On a dark, chilly night baby Green was left on the steps of an orphanage. It wasn’t until he turned 2 years of age when he was finally adopted by a hat-maker & his wife. Growing up in the quiet of the countryside in a rustic little cottage, Mr Green spent a lot of time…

Nov 21, 2016
Turn Mondays into Fundays

If you’re anything like Mr Green, there’s nothing quite like that first spin of the slots on a Monday morning. Try it for yourself, you might like it… Allow me to fill you in on a little secret… (writer glances left and right and leans in to whisper) it’s not a brew of fresh coffee…

Nov 20, 2016
Turn your vacation into an adventure

Salutations friends. Are you planning an exquisite getaway this April, perhaps a little jaunt to places unknown? Mr Green has one piece of advice, “Get Lost!”… That’s right, get lost. It’s the greatest way to turn a simple holiday into a thrilling adventure. Remember, a true adventure should be as unpredictable as possible whether you’ve…

Nov 19, 2016
The Journey into outer Space

Do you ever stare into the sky on a starry night & wonder if there’s extra-terrestrial life out there? What’s beyond all of those glistening stars & what life lays among them? Space is a wondrous reality. Mr Green has always been utterly captivated by our galaxy. On a clear night he could get lost…

Nov 18, 2016
Mr Green’s quirky Hobbies

The sun is peeking out of the clouds more often, the days are getting longer and the birds are chirping in content as the warmth of the sun is slowly heating up the reels. It’s during this magical time of the year that Mr Green can finally ‘get his hands dirty’ and pursue one of…

Nov 18, 2016
The Magic of Literature

Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind and flight to the imagination. Books are like a magic portal. From the feel of leathery bindings, the smell of the freshly printed pages to digesting each and every word that projects you into a wondrous world of fiction – there’s something intrinsically enchanting…

Oct 26, 2016
The Gentleman Inventor

A gentleman is, if nothing else, resourceful and ingenious. From tiny tyke creating his first rocket ship from cardboard, to a real life space ship – that’s Mr Green… I personally like to think of Mr Green as the original MacGyver… you know, that TV show from the 80s with the guy who took down…

Apr 16, 2016
Remembering a legend

Mr Green would like to take a moment to remember a great man, inventor, scientist, diplomat and writer -Benjamin Franklin, who passed away on this day in 1790. In many ways, the life and endeavours of Benjamin Franklin remind us of Mr Green’s own life and times. From Benjamin Franklin’s humble beginnings as the tenth…