We’re on a hunt in ‘Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt’!

That’s right… it’s time to join the hunt… in ‘Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt’!

Lights, camera, Gonzo!… Gonzo? Yes, GONZO! That’s right, the plucky explorer’s quest to find the ancient treasures of El Dorado has EXPLODED from the steamy slots of the Casino, to the glitz and glamour of the LIVE Casino gameshow!

Hold on to your helmets and follow our steps to explore a new adventure from the comfort of your phone or computer…


‘Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt’ FEATURES

  • 6 colourful treasure stones

  • Payout multipliers of up to 65x

  • Buy selections on the 70 stone wall

  • Prize Drop features

  • Play in VR



Don’t spoil it… let’s play it! 



Choose your treasure stones!


When you make it to the top of the temple you’ll be amazed to meet the little plump Gonzo in front of a 70-stone blank wall where amazing treasures and payouts lurk behind them.

Up comes a display where you’ll begin the round choosing any of the 6 colourful treasure stones based on classic designs from the Quest and MEGAWAYS games, which have become household names in the ‘reel’ world.

Each of these stones could holding a delightful payout multiplier of between 1x to 65x.



Treasure stones and multipliers you say…  



Gonzo Shuffling!


The stones on the wall turn, the countdown timer starts and the Treasure Hunt is just about to begin! It’s time to choose up to 20 selections, allowing you to put your hands on any of the stones in the playtable. The more picks you buy, the greater your chance of winning.

Get your picks in earlier before the betting time expires, or they’ll be randomly chosen for you.



Shuffle your way over here! 



Now the fun starts…


That plucky explorer puts his key into the playtable slot, to activate the Prize Drop feature, releasing bonuses like a ‘Prize Drop’, ‘Bonus Prizes’, a ‘Multiplier’ and a ‘Re-Drop’ bonus symbol.

  • Bonus Prizes of between 3 and 100
  • Multipliers of between 2x and 10x
  • Re-Drop, can trigger up to 10 Re-Drops in a round
  • The maximum bonus that an individual stone in the wall can max is up to 20,000




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The Big Reveal!


It’s time for the big reveal… did you hit the big time? The wall turns and you’ll get to see if your picks turned into a golden payout. Collect your winnings and original stake on your winning stones and the hunt starts again.



It’s almost like I’m there!!


For the first time in gaming, ‘Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt’ will give all of you whizz kids the chance to play the new big and bombastic adventure in Virtual Reality!

Get your headset on and get ready to hunt!



May 31, 2021