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Feb 07, 2017
Mr Green wins the ‘2017 Online Gaming Operator of the Year’ IGA Award

Once a year the crème de la crème of the Online Gaming industry flocks to England’s capital to attend the extravaganza of the year – the IGA Awards ceremony. Gaming enthusiasts from all over Europe gather to honour the biggest names in the online entertainment industry with the prestigious IGA award. Whilst the gents showcase…

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Feb 07, 2017
Exclusive Interview: Mr Green Player Wins Jackpot TWICE

Long-time Mr Green player Jessica C made headlines with her huge Jackpot win on ‘Siberian Storm’ back in November 2015. Whilst she kept busy globetrotting after her first big win, Jessica still gave her favourite progressive jackpot slots the occasional spin. And then, it happened…AGAIN. Last Sunday, Jessica played the super popular jackpot slot ‘Mega Fortune’…

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Jan 10, 2017
Can you guess the most popular slots throughout 2016?

Wow – another year has gone by! 365 days of pure entertainment, 12 months of never-ending fun and 52 weeks of thrilling adventures. From old-school fruit machines to action-packed video slots and life-changing progressive jackpot games – thousands of players have spun the reels of our 400+ slot games throughout 2016. Which begs the question,…

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Dec 30, 2016
Mr Green’s New Year Casino Resolutions

New Year is the time for resolutions, promises and vows we make to ourselves and each other. Mr Green is of course no different. So the gentleman has sat down at his old typewriter to contemplate upon what would make 2017 an amazing year not only for himself, but for you – the beloved Mr…

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Dec 18, 2016
What Sunday Slots person are you?

Thrill-seeker, food fanatic or lazy afternoons? Find the perfect slot match for your personality! The Adventurer Extraordinaire: Can you sense the adventure in the air, echoing through the canyon and shooting right up into the sky? For you, daily routine is lethal and there’s nothing more liberating than a daily dose of adrenaline. You wake…

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Dec 17, 2016
Behind the Scenes: Evolution Gaming

Live Casino environments are a great alternative if you want to escape the bustling land based Casinos. Thanks to multiple camera angles, you get so ‘up-close’ to the action that you truly feel part of the game. But what is it actually like to be a Live croupier? Mr Green was on a mission to quench his curiosity,…

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Dec 03, 2016
What would you do with a Year’s worth of Free Cash?

From luxury cars to the latest must-have gadgets and a travel adventure around the world, what would you do if you were to win cash for an ENTIRE year? Just imagine, 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 months of free cash – no bonus money & no strings attached. This Christmas, FIVE lucky Mr Green players will be credited with…

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Nov 22, 2016
Exclusive Interview: The Making of ‘Warlords: Crystals of Power’

It’s FINALLY here – the launch of NetEnt’s epic ‘Warlords: Crystals of Power’ slot release. A few month back we got a glimpse at the preview video on YouTube and since then we’ve been basically hooked. I kid you not, just like little kids, we’ve been counting the go-to-sleeps until the ‘Warlord’s’ release date.

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Nov 20, 2016
Living the ‘Piggy Riches’ life

From luxury cars and exclusive goodies to dream vacations – living the Piggy Riches life sure is grand, but if you brought home the bacon, how would you live it? Mr Green’s good friends and neighbours are Lord and Lady ‘Riches’, famous for their game Piggy Riches that they have graciously allowed us to feature…

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Nov 19, 2016
Your Casino Dream Come True

Dazzling chandeliers, extravagant gambling stations, à la carte dining and first-class entertainment – there’s something inherently intriguing about the world’s most luxurious Casinos. Casinos are no longer just structures made out of bricks and steel that house slot machines and table games. Modern day Casinos feature the finest architecture, radiating elegance and sophistication at every…

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Nov 02, 2016
Exclusively available at Mr Green – ‘Wild Neon’ Game Preview

Travel into the future before anyone else! Mr Green is the first and one and only Casino to feature Push Gaming’s brand new slot ‘Wild Neon’ before its official release. Immerse yourself in the colourful and super futuristic city of Las Vegas and illuminate your path towards rewards. Infinite winning opportunities await in the slot’s…

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Apr 20, 2016
‘Jimi Hendrix’ – The most anticipated release of the year

Well over 400,000 people are pushing against the security railing just to get one inch closer to rock ‘n’ roll legend Jimi Hendrix. All the way up at the front row it almost feels like the barrier is going to collapse at any moment. People are raging against one another and nearly jumping out of…

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Mar 18, 2016
Mr Green goes ‘green’

Isn’t is absurd that we dream of other worlds in the stars, thinking that we can create life on some barren rock like Mars, when we can’t even sustain it on planet earth? Chewing gum is thrown out of car windows like the road is one giant garbage bin. Contractors are chopping down trees as…

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Oct 31, 2010
Mr Green & Gonzo – Friendship that will last a lifetime

Have you ever heard the tale of how Mr Green first met the pint-sized adventurer, Gonzo? No? Then please allow me to recount the tale that Mr Green told me… Back then, the jungles of the Amazon and South America were still an unknown mystery, a mystery that was all too tempting for Mr Green’s…