Let’s Get Crazy!

Are you ready to play one of the craziest game-shows of the year?

Mr Green is proud to present Crazy Time! It’s a highly volatile live casino game with a thrilling money wheel and four exciting bonus rounds.

It’s the kind of game that’s both visually tantalising and gives you more than just a wheel of fortune.

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Want to win big?


To celebrate Crazy Time’s launch, Mr Green is giving away €100,000 over the next four Crazy fun-filled weeks. We’re also awarding €10,000 each week to 200 lucky players who collect the most points. You collect 5 points for every €5 you play on Crazy Time.

That’s not all… we’re also holding a MASSIVE Live Grand Final Prize Draw where you could win a whopping €60,000! For every €20 you play in Crazy Time, you’ll earn special tickets that’ll enter you into the Prize Draw.

The promotion commences at 12:00 CEST on the 12th of June, 2020 and ends at 23:59 CEST on the 9th of July, 2020.


Crazy Time features:


  • A highly volatile money wheel with the potential for big wins
  • Four amazing bonus games that are unlocked via the Money Wheel in the main game
  • There is a mini slot above the money wheel in the main game that adds a random Money-Multiplier to a segment of the money wheel.

Join the Crazy Time madness!!


At the beginning of each round, place your bet on any segment of the wheel and if the flapper stops on your segment – you win!  But remember, there’s a mini slot on top of the money wheel which spins at the same time and if the multiplier and the bet spot align, you could multiply your win by up to 20x!

Bonus games:


  • Cash Hunt
  • Coin Flip
  • Pachinko
  • Virtual Crazy Time Money Wheel
  • Max Multiplier of up to 20,000x your bet


What’s behind the red door?


The craziness doesn’t stop at the money wheel in the main game. Interspersed among the 54 segments of madness and multipliers are 8 slots that’ll take you straight to one of the four bonus rounds.

Soak up the thrills of hunting for cash and random multipliers with ‘Cash Hunt’ or take a chance to win up to 500x your bet on a red or blue coin with ‘Coin Flip’.  Perhaps you’ll get Lady Luck guiding your puck through DOUBLE and TRIPLE multiplier zones with ‘Pachinko’, pushing you towards a random multiplier that could get you up to 10,000x your bet.

But wait, there’s more. You thought this game was crazy, well this fourth bonus game takes that to a whole different level! There’s a mysterious red door that if you’re lucky enough to open, you’ll be immersed inside a virtual world where at its centre is a 64-segment money wheel combined with even bigger multipliers and winnings.

It’s so random that multipliers will appear on the wheel while some segments will be DOUBLE or TRIPLE their value.

Multipliers galore!


All you have to do is choose between a Green, Blue or Yellow coloured flapper at the top of the wheel, before it starts spinning.

When the wheel stops, you’ll win a multiplier of the value of the number your coloured flapper lands on. If they land on ‘DOUBLE’ or ‘TRIPLE’, the multipliers will increase accordingly.

Get ready for even bigger multipliers as you’ll get the chance to take part in re-spins based on your chosen flapper. There’s also a potential Max-Multiplier that could net you up to 20000x your bet!

Don’t miss out on your chance to play the wackiest game-show of the year and to win big money in our special give-away and prize draw!

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Jun 12, 2020