Calling all Crazy Time bonus seekers!

Bold cash hunters, coin flippers, Pachinko fans and all round Crazy Time people!

Here’s a quick guide on what to expect from your colourful and flamboyant tour of Crazy Times’ bonus games.

Your hair will be blown back, your eyes will water and your grin will grow.


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Cash Hunt


You’ll need hawk eyes, a trained trigger finger and steely concentration for this one, because you’re hunting for cash in this Crazy Time bonus game!

Drawing on the experience of the much-loved shooting gallery fairground game, Cash Hunt lets you take aim and fire at targets that hide between 1 and 108 random multipliers.

Before you play, all the multipliers are covered over by random symbols which are then shuffled across the interactive shooting gallery screen.

Get ready. It’s time for you to play!

Line up your shot on your chosen symbol and relish in those last few seconds before the cannon launches at your target. FIRE!

The dust settles and through the music, the bright lights and the excitement, you’ve just won yourself a handsome multiplier, that’s going to MULTIPLY your bet. It’s crazy!

Make sure to get some shooting practice in before you take aim at the Cash Hunt bonus game.




It’s here!

Winging its way from Japan to the Crazy Time studio is the unique slot game Pachinko.

If the Crazy Time Wheel lands on the Pachinko segment, you’ll be heading over to the punchy purple Pachinko board.

The special wall comes with drop zones and landing zones that are awarded random multipliers of a DOUBLE or TRIPLE value. A puck is dropped from one of the randomly generated drop zones and begins its journey down, bumping through a forest of pegs before it reaches one of the landing zones.

If that lucky puck lands in a landing zone with a multiplier, your bet is going to get multiplied. If the puck lands in the DOUBLE landing zone, the multipliers will be DOUBLED. It’s vice versa if it lands in a TRIPLE landing zone.

The game begins again with a new drop zone randomly selected and the puck begins its journey again, towards a lucky multiplier.

The process continues until the multipliers in the landing zone, reach the maximum multiplier of 10,000x!

Will Lady luck guide your puck to the multiplier? Stay tuned and cross your fingers!


Coin Flip


Easily one of the simplest and most exciting bonus games in Crazy Time, it’s Coin Flip!

Each Red and Blue coin is awarded a random multiplier bonus at the beginning of the round. When the coin lands and you guessed the right colour, you’re going to win that random multiplier on that side of the coin.

It could be DOUBLE your bet, all the way up to 500x your bet.

What could be more fun and tense than placing a bet on the simple flip of a coin and waiting in those precious seconds before the coin lands and the value is revealed!

Like Pachinko, this game comes with a special Rescue Flip that gives you another chance to flip if the prize is low, and get another chance to win big.

It’s a 50/50 chance… what will it be? Red or Blue?


Crazy Time


What’s hiding behind the Big Red Door… the mother of all Crazy Time bonus games that’s what!

Here’s the game that could net you up to 20,000 your bet!

If the flapper manages to stop the game-show Crazy Time wheel on the ‘Crazy Time’ bonus game, you’ll be transported to a HUGE virtual Crazy Time wheel, complete with 64 segments of chances to win and a whole host of massive multipliers.

Before the round, a bunch of randomly generated multipliers land on the virtual wheel, along with some getting DOUBLE and TRIPLE values emblazoned across the segments.

Now you have to choose one of three coloured flappers; Green, Blue or Yellow. When the virtual wheel completes its spin, the segment that lands under the flapper that you’ve chosen will be awarded to you.

Imagine your glee when your flapper lands on a DOUBLE or a TRIPLE?? That means ALL of the multipliers on the wheel get DOUBLED or TRIPLED!! If you were lucky enough to choose that flapper, you’re going to get a re-spin that will increase your multipliers even more!

Keep winning DOUBLE and TRIPLE and you’ll keep getting re-spins until the mulitipliers are MAXED OUT at 20,000x.

Spin for those keys to unlock crazy wins!


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Jun 17, 2020