Ramses Revenge: Mysteries, Multipliers & Mummies!

Just when you thought that you’d get away with snatching priceless treasures from a long dead Egyptian ruler, Ramses Revenge reared its undead noggin and made you re-think your choices!

While other adventure slot games have told swashbuckling tales of intrepid explorers going in search of incredible riches and overcoming the challenges and deviousness of the treasure holders, Ramses Revenge flips that dynamic on its head.

Now you’re in the skeletal feet of the undead Ramses the Great as he goes after his toony foe, to reclaim what was rightfully his to take into the afterlife.

Grab your torch, prep your traps and tuck in your bandages, because this is a revenge tour best served with gold!


PUT THAT GOLD BRACELET BACK DOWN … & get ready to play!



Ramses Revenge Features:

  • High Volatility
  • Up to 50,000x bet stake
  • Mystery Sandstorm
  • Mummy multipliers


What’s it like?


Ramses Revenge is an exciting slot entry to the ‘reel world’, that unsettles the dust around the tomb of largely unchanged Egypt treasure hunter storytelling.

Set inside the burial chamber of Ramses the Great, the game has all your typical tropes of Egyptian action adventure, with animal God face masks and Hieroglyphics. What sets it apart though are its 4096 ways to win and its exciting highly volatility.

To create a win, simply match symbols on adjacent reels, no matter where they sit vertically on the 6×4 reel, starting from left to right.

What’s more, imagine you could be lighting your torch and venturing down a sequence of spins and any one of those could trigger a massive win potential of up to 50,000x your bet stake! So glorious gold could await you at any turn… but wait… do you hear that wind?



You had me at the Egypt theme… let’s get it on!


Mystery Sandstorm


It can happen at any moment in the Ramses Revenge base game… a ferocious sandstorm blows in across the reels, engulfing the flanks and blasting stone Scarab Mystery Symbols on to the reels.

These can fly in, in waves of between 2 and 6, with each wave including between 1 and 4 Mystery symbols.

The stone scarabs will reveal the same symbol and if they’re in a winning line from left to right, you’re in for an exciting pay-out.



Forget the wind… let’s play!


Free Spins


There’s definitely more to Ramses Revenge than meets the eye. When you land 2 or more of the steely eyed explorer symbols on the reels, the play-table begins to shake and the tiles crumble until you and the toony explorer come crashing down into the Free Spins bonus game… the real burial chamber.

Gleaming blue eyes glint in the darkness and from the top of the table come the lurching WILD mummies that feast on the poor explorer. It’s a trap, but a profitable one at that! You’ve triggered the Free Spins bonus game with 6 Free Spins.

Depending on how many explorers joined you in the bonus game, you’ll get an equal number of WILD mummies coming to replace them.



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Don’t forget these!


  • Free Spins BUY feature
  • 4,096 ways to win
  • RTP 96.15


WILD Mummy multipliers


The bonus game starts spinning with WILD mummies sticking to their positions on the reels but if you land one or more unsuspecting explorers, mummies will swoop to their tile and gobble them up.

This gives you one extra Free Spin and boosts your WILD mummy multiplier by 1x!

Land even more explorers than mummies and you’ll see more bandaged beasts descend from the top of the table, to fill the reels.


Let’s cut to the chase!



Free Spins Buy feature


Perhaps you’re the type of explorer that just wants to cut right to the action. With Ramses Revenge you can use the Free Spins Buy Feature to use 80x of your bet stake and instantly dive deep into the bonus fun.


Oct 29, 2020