In a dystopian future, set in the backdrop of the deserted plains and dilapidated husks of what was once the ‘reel world’, comes a roaring sound of steel and steam.

Squint your eyes in the blinding light and you’ll see a thick dust storm thundering its way towards you. The closer it gets, you’ll start to make out the rustic shape of the steam train, its funnel pumping out thick smoke, its wheels racing along the steel rails.

Money Train 2 is bursting with features, valuable power symbols & multipliers and an eye-watering win potential, even bigger than the first! Grab your ticket for this white-knuckle ride because nothing is stopping this juggernaut of a sequel.




  • Respins
  • Money Cart Bonus Round
  • Unique symbols and abilities
  • Massive multipliers
  • 50,000x win potential


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Keep on spinning!


No sooner than the wheels screech to a halt to let you on, the hulking beast begins powering up the first big game feature, Respins. Trigger this feature by landing 2 scatter bonus symbols anywhere on the 5×4 playtable.

The bonus symbols then turn around, revealing a different multiplier of between 1x and 10x, etched into a circular saw blade.

The multipliers are then combined and re-spins are awarded until you hit a win. If you can’t get the wheels in gear, your multipliers are still going to rise by 1x. Get them spinning and you’ll see that electrifying multiplier applied to the win!

Read enough? Let’s play


Some bumps ahead!


As you tap on your wrist computer, dodge two-headed cattle and seek out new vaults and adventures, you better be ready for the bombastic bonuses and multipliers Money Train 2 has to offer.

After triggering 3 or more of the BONUS symbols on the reels, the front of the train creaks along revealing a ramshackle carriage. Don’t let it fool you, there is more to this than meets the eye. This is the home of the Money Cart Bonus game and it’s exhilarating.

The gold-coloured ‘Persistent symbols’ substitute the BONUS symbols (20x – 200x) for this bonus game. The high-paying symbols which land on the reels turn around to reveal a crazy multiplier on your bet, as well as 3 Free Spins.

If you manage to seat the carriage with a whole host of character symbols, the carriage increases by one additional reel. You can increase the play area by 2 extra reels in this round.

OK enough… let’s get rolling!


What else is there?


  • 5×4 playtable
  • 40 paylines
  • Explosive wins!
  • Expanding reels
  • Bonus Buy


Rogue’s gallery


It’s hard to talk about Money Train 2 without mentioning the line-up of dastardly passengers riding this metal beast to Gas Town. It’s even harder knowing that these high paying symbols are sporting some special multipliers and ‘Persistent’ abilities that’re going to BOOST your WINS!




The gun-totting ‘Payer’ dame sports a cold focus and the ability to cock and fire her multiplier bet at all of the visible symbols that land on the reels during the round.

The blonde’s not done yet as she’s also got a ‘Persistent/Payer’ symbol shaped like a mini-gun, that really PAYS out a multiplier punch to all of the symbols on the reels during that round and any that follow.





This ‘Collector’ is a real vulture. Let him lose on the reels and he’s not only going to give you a multiplier, he’s also going to grab the values of all the symbols on the reels and add them to his own.

Add a dash of ‘Persistent Collector’ and he’s scrounging the values from the reels and sticking around to gather more and more from each symbol that lands in the next spins.

The Collector doesn’t mind a handy assist though, especially if it means more cash! Teaming up with the ‘Payer’ dame, the ‘Collector/Payer’ symbol will not only soak in all the values of the symbols on the table, it’s also going to update them to the same value.

Wow! Did I just read all that? Time to play!





One shot does not necessarily mean one kill for the ‘Sniper’… in fact when the long-barrelled Bandit lands on the reels, he’s going to pepper the table, doubling the values of between 3 and 8 of the other Bonus Symbols on the reels.

Get ready for the reload as the ‘Persistent Sniper’ symbol takes aim at the bonus symbols at the end of the spin and keeps firing at them in every spin which follows.





If blasting and boosting wins on the reels aren’t enough for you, what happens if you can bring symbols back to life after they’ve been used up?

This bearded brigand not only reveals his own bet multiplier, when he snaps his two lightning rods together, he’s going to bring between 2 and 7 special bonus symbols back to life, to play again!


Reset Plus:


This handy little feature allows you to increase the starting value of the spins that are left to roll in the bonus game. These increase by +1.


You deserve an award for staying this far… Let’s play!




Money Train 2 boasts being a highly volatile game with an electrifying win potential where you’re just one epic spin away from a 50,000x your bet. That’s over double the original Money Train offered you (20,000x).

Perhaps you’re the type of player who likes to jump the queue and trigger the Money Cart Bonus Round early! No problem… simply exchange 100x your stake to get the bonus on the next spin.

Thrills, exhilaration, zero to 60 and a whole sack of big wins? Why would you want off?

Grab a seat, strap in and get ready to watch the Thunderdome escape beyond the horizon…

All aboard Money Train 2!

Oct 06, 2020