Unlock the mystery.… here’s the key!

Fancy spending a night at the Mystery Museum?

The last visitors have left, the security guards have settled in for the night and only the faintest of light hits the glaze of the endless marble floors of the museum.

It’s deathly quiet… so quiet that you could hear a mouse squeak or a pin drop.

You emerge from behind the thick red curtain, surrounded by stuffed prehistoric animals and semi-precious stones and gems from a far-flung land. You’re locked-in for the night with no escape unless you want to make fast friends with security.

That’s the point… you’re here with a mission. Silently you creep through the shadows of the halls, up to a massive and imposing door. You pull out a heavy and highly decorated gold key, given to you by a familiar Green top-hatted gentleman.

You put the key into the lock and turn it counter-clockwise. The heavy metal bolts clink and turn and the door opens with a blinding light growing through the gap.  Marvellous antiquities and priceless relics line the walls.

It’s time to unlock the mysteries INSIDE!



Mystery Museum Features:


  • Valuable Mystery Stacks
  • Slashing Samurai Wilds & Free Spins
  • Power gamble
  • Potential to win up to 17,500x your stake
  • Player increased RTP from 96.58 to 97.06%


‘Mystery Museum’ is a new summer blockbuster slot that whets the appetite of all treasure hunting enthusiasts and fans of relic hunters like Indiana Jones, Sydney Fox, Lara Croft & Nathan Drake.

The game comes with three special bonus features that will have you penitent, kneeling, rolling and leaping to proof your worth.

Mystery Stacks


Watch out for the Mystery Stacks that can appear randomly across the reels. When three or more appear, they will push themselves down to cover the entire reel. These stacks look marvellous, but they also have the power to possess other random symbols on the reel.

When they lock into place, they award you with wins across all 10 of the game’s pay-lines, and that’s even if they’re not next to each-other. Unsuspecting WILDS will also be caught in the wins too.

Land them in the Free Spins game and they’ll stay in place racking up wins, until the bonus is over.

Enough reading… LET’S PLAY IT!



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Slicing WILDS


Get some quick breathes back because you’ll soon be dodging, ducking and diving out of the way of the sworn protectors of the museum’s mysteries, the Samurai WILDS.

The mask of the Samurai WILDS act as both a WILD and a Scatter for Free Spins. Landing 3 or more of them on the reels and you’ll instantly win between 8 and 12 Free Spins.

If you win over 100x your stake in Free Spins, you can spend the hard earned 100x and fire up the Free Spins, while banking the rest.


Take a gamble


Also unique to Mystery Museum is its ability to allow players to Power Gamble their stake in return for more Free Spins.

You can set this to activate shortly after you get win multipliers between 2x and 50x. You’ll enter the Power Gamble bonus game. The objective is to choose one card from 4 cards facing down. If you choose one with a tick, your win increases. Get an ‘X’ and the wins are forfeit.

Heed this warning though. The greater number of ticks you discover from the 4 cards will mean a greater reward, but the risk of getting an ‘X’ will increase!

Braving the trials of Power Gamble and winning 100x or more your stake, allows you to take them to the trading post and exchange 100x for Free Spins and bank the rest for emergencies.

Using the Power Gamble feature actually increases the RTP rate from between 96.58 to 97.06%.


It’s a high volatility slot where you’ll be just on spin away from winning up to 17,500x your stake. Don’t forget to do your stretches before you play Mystery Museum, because those mysteries won’t be unlock without a little sweat.

Grab your fedora and your quippy one-liners… Let’s Go!

Jul 28, 2020