Hold the phones… Hotline is back and bigger!

Grab your crisp white Armani suit, rev up your Moon Grey Countach Lamborghini and let’s take another spin down the 80s nostalgia highway.

The wait is finally over! Hotline 2 is burning rubber down digital Ocean Drive, and we’ll finally get to find out what happened to the ‘reel’ world’s favourite detective duo.

The darkly beautiful and deadly diva Kitty Weiss has robbed one of Miami’s finest jewellery stores. You’ve got to help the sharp suited Quinn and Riviera as they chase down the devious femme fatale, along the sun-soaked palm-tree lined boulevards.

This summer crime-fighting sequel isn’t just a blank cassette with the greatest hits of the first instalment burned on to the tape.. oh no! Get ready for a slot bursting with fast-paced action and a car chase that grows across the reels, increasing your ways to WIN!

Seatbelts please!



Hotline 2 features


  • Vertical Hotline Zone with expanding WILD symbols that increase in size
  • Increasing bet ways from 243 to 1944 in Free Spins.
  • Increasing RTP from 94% to 96%
  • Bonus buy feature
  • Medium volatility with win potential of up to 5,184x



The first Hotline screeched on to the reels back in 2018 and it blinded us with the neon blues, pinks and yellows and stylish design that defined the 1980s lifestyle.

The slot game was simple. Choose one of three horizontal ‘Hotlines’ top, middle or bottom from the 5×3 play table and when a WILD landed on the reels, it exploded to reveal the heat of the chase. Spin and win more WILDS in the Free spins and the scene would stick and expand if they sat next to each-other.

The sequel keeps the Hotlines formula but just like any good cop show, there’s a good third act twist that’ll have you excited and questioning the intentions of the meek and mild-mannered mistress.

This time those Hotlines are snugly sat between reels 2 and 4 and they’re shooting for the sky!

Play it here!


Hotline 2 Pink Flamingos Free Spins


Land three Pink Flamingos in the middle reels to unlock 7 Free Spins for the chase. Then, every time you land the car chase WILD, those reels are going to increase in height by one whole slot.

Keep landing WILDS in the middle reels and you’ll eventually get the ultimate 6×3 front seat for the duo chasing down the diva! That also means 2 extra free spins to keep playing!

All good looks and no pay off? Now, that just wouldn’t be much fun would it.


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Boosted bet-ways


Like the original game, WILDS do mean bigger wins when they land. With the sequel and it’s new vertical fully stacked madness, you’ll also see your routes to pay-outs increase from as little as 243 ways, up to 1944!

What’s more… the more Hotlines you have activated, the higher the RTP will grow. For just one, you’re looking at 94%, for two that’s 95% and just over 96% for all three.

I’ve read enough… let’s chase!


Bonus Buy


If you’re not in the mood for grinding for the bonuses, the developer has also included a handy Bonus Buy feature. It means that you choose one of the three Hotlines to activate but it’s going to cost you a multiplier of your bet stake.

For just one, it’ll set you back 20x, for two it’s 40x. For all three you’re looking at 60x your bet. Bear in mind, this is already a medium volatility slot with the potential to win up to 5,184x.

Time to get lost in the pastel and synthesizer… it’s Hotline 2!

Aug 24, 2020