All that glitters in Katmandu Gold

Inner peace and enlightenment won’t be the only things you’re encountering along your spiritual journey around the temples, tiles and Tibetan columns that line Katmandu Gold.

Prepare yourself for 6 exciting game features, a win potential of up to 10,000x and routes to wins which vary from as little as 4,096 right up to 531,144.

Do you hear the bell ringing in the distance? That’s the signal that the symbol avalanche is on its way. Let’s see if there’s gold among the snowflakes!


Katmandu Gold Features:  


  • Symbol avalanches

  • Big symbols

  • Expanding Wild Win symbols

  • Ice Climbers

  • Multiplier Free Drops

  • Bonus Buy



Shhh… not so loud… LET’S PLAY!


Look out below!


It’s an avalanche alright, but not the kind that’ll put you in danger. Instead of clinging to a tree or trying to swim above the flow, you’ll be relishing seeing the lumps of symbol tiles explode after forming a winning pay-line.

A win also triggers another layer of symbols to land on top of the existing ones. The more wins you get will mean more symbols landing and the scene panning out to see the extent of the build-up. Those Tibetan columns can just manage 8 rows of symbols.



I think we need a bigger reel!


While 1×1 symbols make up the majority of the win opportunities, there are also a mix of massive versions that can land randomly during a round.

These can vary from between 2×2, right up to 4×4. Don’t be scared by their sheer size and thud as they land, that extra surface area also acts as an easy way to build a winning combination across the reels.

Couple this with up to 531,144 ways to win, and you’ll be levitating with glee.


I’ve read enough, it’s time to try this!




One of the fun game features of Katmandu Gold are the ‘Expanding WILD Win’ symbols. These can land at any time and when activated as part of a win, will expand up or down the reels depending on their arrow direction. They swallow all of the symbols in their path and won’t stop until they reach either the base or the top level.

WILD symbols also land in the base game and can replace normal symbols except for the Bonus or Ice Climber symbol.



Ice Climbers


The Expanding WILDS aren’t the only creeping features in the game, oh no! These Yin-Yang symbols can also land randomly on the reels. When two appear in the playtable, on any row or reel, they activate their special freezing mode.

Both symbols will freeze all of the symbols from their position, up to the top level, converting them into High paying symbols. If one lands on the 8th row, it triggers a special 9th row of symbols.



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The ladder to Nirvana is lined with gold



Should you be lucky enough to land three or more of the shiny ‘Bonus symbols’, the reel table disappears making way for the momentous opening of the doors to the bonus game.

You enter the temple, armed with a number of ‘Multiplier Free Drops’ consistent with the number of bonuses that landed to trigger the game.

  • 3 Bonus symbols = 10 Drops
  • 4 Bonus symbols = 15 Drops
  • 5 Bonus symbols = 20 Drops
  • 6 Bonus symbols = 25 Drops

Armed with your Free Drops, you are prepared to spin for even bigger wins. But that’s not all the bonus game has to offer. Each Bonus ‘X’ you land gets added to the value of your wins. You can max this out to 12x.


So many words!!! Let’s just play it now!


Bonus Buy


Some of you will be really keen to see what kind of wins the Bonus game can deliver and that’s why the developer is offering you a ‘Bonus Buy’ option, letting you bypass the visitor queue and seek out your enrichment early.

In exchange for a share of your bet, you’ll get to choose between either a ‘Standard’ bonus that offers Free Drops with a persistent multiplier, or the ‘Super’ which offers Free Drops with a persistent multiplier of 10x.



A journey of excitement and blistering thrills await you in Katmandu Gold esteemed traveller… journey forth and seek it now!

Jan 11, 2021