Happy Birthday Mr Green!

It’s been 12 glorious years since the Green suited bowler hat wearing mystery man swept into the ‘reel world’.

Each and every year has been an ever-increasing ride of heart thumping thrills, mega jackpots and bountiful Free Spins.

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Manners maketh the Gent and the Lady!


Key to the Mr Green ethos is that you, that’s right… YOU have fun and enjoy your gaming experience. But, likewise… it’s also equally important that you play with the flair and manners fitting of a gentleman or lady.

No matter whether you’ve been donning your virtual James Bond tuxedo to blitz the baccarat tables, getting turbo charged mega wins in the slots or breathless in the final adrenaline fuelled moments of a sports game, you play responsibly.

Who is Mr Green? Where did he come from?

Let’s take a look…  but don’t forget to bring your hat and cane.


A man of modest Green


Our story begins with the 2-year-old Mr Green, a baby abandoned in a cradle at the steps of an old orphanage.

Through the darkness and chills of the wintery night come a young couple. They happen upon the young child. While the Greens had had their heart set on adopting a young girl, they instantly fell in love with the little bundle of joy.

What would follow were fundamental years which shaped and defined the young Green. His parents were adventurous, intrepid and courageous. They believed in filling their lives with stories and memories over material possessions.

Young Master Green was not devoid of young foolery and high jinks though. He grew up with a notoriety for being the class clown and the tonic to raise the spirits of his peers. Having fun, seeking adventure and taking chances became his valuable traits.


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The Gentleman adventurer


His potential did not go unnoticed by his teachers. His maths professor and mentor recognised his great potential and sought to unlock the talents and passions which would make the boy into a man. Mr Green remembers him with such fondness and admiration that he proudly adopted his fashion for the bowler hat, classic umbrella and gentlemanly graces.

Green hit that age where he got the itch to know what was beyond the hills, rivers and mountains. He travelled the world, experiencing different cultures and creeds, drinking tea with the Bedouin and playing football on the floating pitch with the kids of Koh Panyee, Thailand.

Then the day came that he had the epiphany that would change the course of his life entirely. As if fate had forced them to meet, Mr Green met a mysterious artist that so inspired him that without hesitation, he bet big and took a chance.

The worldly Mr Green returned home, opened his very own Online Casino and the rest, as they say, is history!

Aug 07, 2020