Take a ‘Viking’ to this! Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand

Tucked away within the Fjords and snow-capped mountains of the Norse homeland lies a special land of riches and reels, it’s Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand.

It’s the kind of slot you can really get a ‘Viking’ for, what with it’s fancy features and expanding reels that extend your playtime. There’s no need to get all tooled up, jump on a longboat and take on Anglo Saxons.

Just sit back in the comfort of your cosy hut and prepare to ‘Land’ and ‘Expand’ as much as you want!


Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand Features:


  • Hot Spot Reels

  • Expanding reels

  • Re-spins

  • Mid/High Volatility

  • 96% RTP

  • Thor’s Hammer Scatter

  • Buy Feature



Don’t ‘Rune’ it, LET’S PLAY!


Hit the Spot!


The playtable for Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand, is all designed to fit the wood and metal aesthetic of the Viking era, however, the base 3×3 playtable also has these special ‘Hot Spot Reels’ latched on to the sides.

During every round, these special reels will spin simultaneously with the main playtable, selecting two random key symbols, whether that’s a lump of meat or a face symbol of a Viking god like Freya or Odin.

Only High paying symbols can appear in the Hot Spot Reels during the main game whilst a mix of Low and High symbols can appear during the Free Spins bonus game. Likewise, WILD symbols can only land in the Left Hot Spot Reel and these can match with any symbol landing in the Right.

Land 2 or more symbols in the main reels that match what is in both Hot Spot Reels and you’ll activate the duel ‘Land and Expand’ and ‘Re-Spin’ features.



Land, Expand, Re-Spin!


So, the gods have seen fit to grant you 2 or more symbols that match what landed in the Hot Spot Reels… now the fun begins!

Just after the riches from the winning symbols have been bestowed upon you, you’ll witness those same symbols in the playtable, now rise and expand to cover all the reels in play. They are bolted into place and the unmatching reel performs a ‘Re-Spin’.

Ah, but let’s not ‘Rune’ the fabulous Viking Feast coming up!




Hmm… let me twiddle my beard on this!



By the Hammer of Thor!


Descending from the majesty of Asgard, comes Odin’s Hammer Scatter symbol. Land three of these anywhere on the 3×3 playtable to unlock 8 Free Spins and unleash the full potential of the game.

Should you land a Scatter symbol on the third reel, you’ll get 2 extra Free Spins and the expansion of the main reels by 1 row, above or below the existing 3×3 playtable. Expand the playtable by up to 7 additional rows as well as boosting the number of bet-lines.

That means you can grow the win potential from 9 bet-lines right up to 29 in the Free Spins bonus game.



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Ride the Lightning!


Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand also comes with a built in ‘Buy Feature’ allowing you to exchange 80x your bet for a ‘Bi-frost Bridge’ that teleports you straight from the main game and into the Free Spins experience.

This is no ‘Loki’ experience! Feast your eyes on a game packed with fun features that won’t ‘Rune’ your Viking vibe.


Jan 04, 2021