‘Krystalise’ your wins in ‘Kluster Krystals MEGACLUSTERS’

Join us for a momentous metamorphosis taking place within ‘Kluster Krystals MEGACLUSTERS’. The vast jungles of the ‘reel world’ are playing witness to the formation of powerful ‘Klusters’ of ‘Krystals’. With each newly formed one, there’s another just waiting to emerge.

Forge winning clusters and infuse 4 power rated multipliers and 3 mini features to excite the Krystals to form.



‘Kluster Krystals MEGACLUSTERS’ Features:


  • Cluster wins

  • Avalanche symbols

  • 4 Coloured Multipliers with power ratings

  • 3 powerful mini features

  • RTP 96.49%

  • High volatility

  • Max win over 9,000x


OK don’t spoil it… LET’S PLAY!




Crystalise wins


Put the microscopes, petri dishes and crystal gardens aside for this one, because the re-‘krystal’-isation taking place in Kluster Krystals MEGACLUSTERS, is happening on a macro scale.

Crystalise your wins by building clusters of 4 or more Krystal symbols. However, the real magic happens once those symbols have vanished. Any adjacent Krystal fragments that were next to a winning cluster, will grow.

That means that if there were a group of Singles, Doubles or Triples next to the win, they’re getting upgraded by one full quarter. If there are further wins directly next to them, you’re sure to see them grow into fully formed four-sided Krystal clusters.

The fun continues as more symbols enter the mix through the ‘Avalanche’ feature. More symbols fill the empty space and the glorious process continues again!




Quarters are given here… LET’S PLAY!



Power UP!


Now to add a dash of spectacle to this exciting experiment. Kluster Krystals MEGACLUSTERS also includes 4 coloured multipliers, each with their own individual power ratings that can be upgraded three times. Max them out for even greater wins.

Once the cluster wins have vanished and the avalanche of new symbols stop, the total win is calculated with all the current multipliers on the playtable.





But the Krystal kluster caper doesn’t end there, oh no! This slot also comes with three fun mini-features to enhance how you play.


Krystal Vanish –

When the feature activates, it removes one colour crystal from the playtable, making it easier to put matching clusters together.



Krystal Boost –

It does just that. This feature will upgrade all of the visible symbols by one quarter. That could prove very handy when there’s a group of Krystals just one quarter away from clustering.



Krystal Kut –

Rather than remove one colour crystal from play, this feature will actively remove all of the single crystals, leaving you with Doubles, Triples and full Krystals to collect.




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Bonus Free Spins


Kluster Krystals MEGACLUSTERS also comes with its very own Free Spins bonus game that can be triggered when the four quarters of the golden ‘Bonus’ symbol are filled. Each win that the symbols adjacent to, will fill its slots.

When full, the Bonus will trigger the Free Spins round and awards you 7 Free Spins. If you land and fill a Bonus symbol during the Free Spins round, you’ll get 4 more Free Spins to keep the experiment going.




If cluster win capers crease you or mini-feature magic makes you smile, then you’re going to love Kluster Krystals MEGACLUSTERS. It’s a highly volatile game with a 96% RTP and the chance of an over 9000x win potential.

Jan 18, 2021