Boo-tiful NEW release from Quickspin

Quickspin’s brand-new ghost-themed slot game ‘Ghost Glyph‘ is the sheet! Worry not, the ghosts in this slot game are friendly and each ghost has its own unique power that could reward you boo-tifully!



Tumble Mechanic

The tumble mechanic removes winning clusters from the paytable allowing new symbols to take their place. But here’s where it gets spooky.

After every winning cluster is removed, a Ghost Glyph 1×1 symbol appears in one of the empty spaces. So, what makes the Ghost symbol so special, I hear you ask?

For starters, it acts as a Wild replacing regular symbols, but it also unlocks the ‘Ghost Urn’ feature. When the Ghost Glyph is part of a winning cluster, it flies up to activate one of the Ghost Urns displayed above the reels.

There are a total of four Ghost Urns and each summons one of the ghosts onto the reels:


💛👻 Yellow Ghost: Unleashes up to 10 Wilds onto the reels

❤️ 👻 Red Ghost: Destroys low-paying symbols

💚 👻Green Ghost: Transforms low-paying symbols

💙 👻 Blue Ghost: Gives you a key to unlock the Free Spin feature or awards 3 extra Free Spins if you are already in the bonus game

Free Spins Feature

Whenever the 5th urn is activated, the blue ghost unlocks the Free Spin feature in which new Urns appear as well as a Paranormality meter on the opposite side of the reels. Every tumble sequence fills up the Paranormality meter and once filled up, it levels up the ‘Massive Wild’ feature.

The ‘Massive Wild feature is then activated at the end of the Free Spins feature if the Paranormality meter has reached at least Level 1 or higher.




Sep 09, 2020