Turbo charge the mysteries in Golden Osiris!

The horizon swirls and dances and the ancient stones bake as you pry open the last block separating you from the magical mysteries and features hiding within Golden Osiris.

Brush the dust and sweat from your brow, strike up your torch and get ready to experience winning chances and super charged features that’ll have you dazed and delighted.

Grab your fedora and some shades and meet us down here!


Golden Osiris Features:


  • Cluster wins

  • Pyramid Charger

  • Wild Multipliers

  • Second chance

  • 7×7 playtable

  • 12,000x win potential

  • RTP 96.27%



OK, let’s cut to the chase!


Cluster Win!


Any avid treasure hunter knows that when you’re confronted with building cluster wins, you’ve got to rack them up quicker than you can say ‘Tutankhamun’!

That’s why Golden Osiris focuses on building satisfying clusters of 5 or more symbols emblazoned with exquisite jewels, scarabs, talismans and Egyptian god deities.

Those winning symbols are removed and a cascade feature is triggered filling the empty spaces with new symbols, creating more opportunities to build wins. These win streak cascades continue flowing until there are no winning combinations to build.

But this slot adventure isn’t just about pushing some dusty old blocks together. The magic is simmering among the cracks, waiting to be unleashed and captured within two powerful features built into the game.



Wild Multipliers


The more winning clusters you can generate will result specific symbols to land bordered by a golden glow behind them. These are potential WILDs that can be unearthed when they form part of winning cluster.

Up to 6 WILDS can land during a round. If 1 or more are adjacent to another winning cluster, it’s power will multiply. Successive streaks of clusters aided by the WILD will increase its power from 2x right up to 10x.  Be mindful though that if there are more than 1 WILD Multipliers, only the highest one will be applied to the winning cluster pay-out.

Oh, but we’ve just scratched the surface of what this ancient slot can do!



Power up!


The single most exciting and powerful feature in Golden Osiris is the ‘Pyramid Charger’. Every winning cluster you build in the main game will go towards feeding the 25 neon blue slots that charge the bonus.

Fully charge the feature and it’ll open up in a spectacular fashion, choosing one random symbol and infusing its power into it. That means that every time the symbol appears on the playtable, it’ll possess up to 4 adjacent symbols into its likeness along with a 3x multiplier.

Keep re-charging and re-triggering the Pyramid to boost its multiplier from 3x, right up to 30x!



There’s more to these rocks… LET’S PLAY!


Horus is watching


Golden Osiris comes with an exciting ‘Horus Free Spins’ mode that can be triggered when you land three Eye of Horus Scatter symbols.  But that’s just the start of the bonus fun.

The Pyramid comes fully charged for every round, infusing it’s power into one of the High paying symbols like the Cat, Bird or Jackal. This, along with a helping of 5 Free Spins and you’ll be shielding your eyes from the win potential erupting across the playtable.




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So close yet so far


Osiris is certainly one of the more reasonable of the ancient Egyptian gods and that shows in how he grants you a ‘Second Chance’.

This feature triggers when only two of the three Scatter symbols needed to trigger Free Spins, land on the playtable. Osiris commands that the symbols surrounding the Horus symbols are destroyed, hopefully triggering a third one to land.




So what do you say? How about one more Egyptian adventure and a win potential of 12,000x hiding being those rocks… It’ll be worth it!

Dec 21, 2020