Your Quest begins in Parthenon: Quest for Immortality

Since the dawn of time, we have asked the question… What is life?  Who wants to live forever? You can turn the Queen album down now and park the existential questions to one side because it’s time to enter the mythical adventure in, Parthenon: Quest for Immortality.

Embark on an epic quest for everlasting life, doing battle with the Greek gods, summoning incredible features and reaching your own godly status.




Parthenon: Quest for Immortality FEATURES


  • Summon Avalanches

  • WILD Generation Zone

  • Progressive Multiplier

  • 10000 Betways

  • RTP 96%



Summon the avalanche!


Your first test mortal is to summon an Avalanche of Herculean proportions. Build winning combinations of symbols and watch the Avalanche feature, sweep them away and making more space for more symbols which can trigger EVEN MORE winning chances. Not too difficult for an aspiring god like you huh.



Don’t spoil it… take me there!


Enter the ‘W’ Zone!



Once you’ve dusted yourself off, it’s on to a test that’s a bit trickier but the reward is pretty WILD.

On the top row of the playtable is the wonderous WILD Generation Zone. This is a sacred and bountiful place where symbols in these positions, can turn into powerful WILDs if they were part of winning combination.

Just like Scylla and Charybdis, these two valuable features can work together to create EVEN MORE win potential across the epic 10,000 betways held within the game.





Free Spinszzzzzz



Battle hardened and flight of foot, it’s time to seal your fate and take your prize. Not so easy now… your ultimate test lies behind the Free Spins Bonus Round. Arrive at the gates to the Parthenon and prepare to battle Medusa.

Land three or more Free Spins scatters and you’ll enter the gates armed with 8 powerful Free Spins and a progressive multiplier that grows with every WILD that’s born in the top row of the playtable. BOOST your multiplier by up to 20x.

What’s more, there’s a magical Scatter meter that can charge up your Free Spins. Get 3 or more scatters during the bonus round and you’ll be awarded 2 EXTRA Free Spins to continue the battle.



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Jun 15, 2021