Search for blistering wins in Frost Queen Jackpots

In the far off reaches of the ‘reel world’, just beyond the ancient temples and gods of old, lives the Frozen Queen and her realm built on magical jackpots. That’s right, you’ve just entered Winter’s latest regal romp, Frost Queen Jackpots.

Prepare to venture in search of frozen riches, collect keys to unlock opportunities to win progressive jackpots, and play two blistering bonus games hiding within the icy chambers of her castle.

Pull on your mitts and let’s join the search!



Frost Queen Jackpots Features:


  • Collect keys to unlock coloured locks

  • 5 special Free Spins rooms

  • 5 Progressive Jackpots

  • Magic Mirror ‘Pick & Click’ Mini-game

  • Infinite Treasure Chests

  • 96% RTP

  • Max potential win €50,600




Hat, Gloves, Scarf, check… LET’S PLAY!


Unlock the winning chances


As soon as you make it to the game, you’ll notice the exciting 5×3 playtable carved into the ice. Gaze at its intricate symbols and make sure to build a winning line from left to right, to get a cash payout.

Do you see the coloured jackpots at the top and locks at the bottom?

These Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Orange locks lead to some delightful ‘Progressive Jackpots’ that you can win your chance to spin for.

Land any of the coloured keys on the reels and watch it jump out and promptly head to its coloured lock. Collect all 5 keys to one coloured lock and you’ll be transported to its individual ‘Free Spins’ room to continue your journey to riches.


Check out those gems!



Now you’re entering the corresponding ‘Free Spins’ room, equipped with 10 Free Spins and a 3x multiplier from the Frost Queen, to help you collect cash wins and gems.

It’s nail-biting as the gems land and are collected in the jackpot slots above the playtable. Get 4 out of 5 and the reel will ignite in blue flashes, awaiting a potential 5th and final gem to release the jackpot. If the Frost Queen deems it so, you’ll be presented with fanfare and the full jackpot amount emblazoned across the reels.

This isn’t the only route to the Free Spins bonus game but read on to find out how below.



OK, I’ve read enough, LET’S PLAY!



Who is the fairest?



Well, it’s you surely! The ‘Magic Mirror’ symbol is a powerful bonus in Frost Queen Jackpots, that comes with two functions, ‘Free Spins’ or ‘Bonus’. These are activated when three or more land. The more that land will actually boost your bet win by up to 500x.

Should the Magic Mirror flip and stop on ‘Free Spins’, you’ll be immediately transported to a random Free Spins room and you’ll follow the same journey as we discussed above.

The ‘Bonus’ round is also quite exciting but we’re not going to spoil it here.

There’s a nice added mini-game feature that emerges when you land two of the Magic Mirror symbols. You’ll enter a small ‘Pick & Click’ mini-game which presents you with 5 Ice chests. ‘Pick a Chest’ it announces.

Click one of the chests and watch it crack open revealing a reward of either cash, a Key or a Magic Mirror Bonus symbol.




Oh that’s cold… Let’s try it out!






Now, while Free Spins is certainly the fun direction to take, if the Magic Mirror symbol flips to a ‘Bonus’ symbol, you’ll find yourself being transported to a special chamber of the castle that houses the ‘Infinite Treasure Chests’ bonus game.

Sat within a freezing room are three chests that you’ve got to choose only 1 from. These can contain either a cash reward or even better, a key to advance your adventure. Each successful win will send you into a limitless number of rooms with more chests to open.

But beware! While collecting the rewards is exciting, it does come with its risks. At any time, the ground could shake and the chest crushed under rocks. Then you’ll be blown out by the avalanche and back into the main game.



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Whoa, it’s a blast… What do you say to some chilling Progressive Jackpots and blistering bonus games? Break the ice this Winter with Frost Queen Jackpots!

Jan 18, 2021