Remembering a legend

Mr Green would like to take a moment to remember a great man, inventor, scientist, diplomat and writer -Benjamin Franklin, who passed away on this day in 1790.

In many ways, the life and endeavours of Benjamin Franklin remind us of Mr Green’s own life and times. From Benjamin Franklin’s humble beginnings as the tenth son of a soap maker, Benjamin worked his way up from his meagre working class origins to prominence and fame as an inventor and scientist, to eventually becoming one of the United States’ Founding Fathers.

As a young boy, Benjamin loved to read, eventually becoming a prolific writer and publisher of newspapers and a voice for American interests in Europe. He also helped pool together resources to buy books from England, creating the nation’s first subscription library.

In his 40’s, Benjamin retired from his business interests and begun focusing on what some consider his most famous endeavours; nope, not drafting the declaration of independence, though that was pretty big, but his science.

Aside from previous inventions like the Franklin stove, swim fins and bifocals, in the early 1750’s he turned to the study of electricity. His observations, including his kite experiment which verified the nature of electricity and lightning brought Franklin international fame.

Benjamin Franklin died on this day in 1790 at the ripe old age of 84, and his electrifying personality will never be forgotten.

Apr 16, 2016