And the Winner is…

Since the start of Mr Green’s 10 Year Anniversary campaign in January, we’ve been giving away MILLIONS in Free Spins & Cash Prizes, all-inclusive holiday experiences, super-cars and even pure GOLD!

So, what’s it like to win something so very extraordinary? Well, we’ve talked to Miro from Finalnd, last month’s winner who was the lucky guy to win a brand new Tesla Model S – worth a staggering €100,000! The day we called Miro, he was so overwhelmed with the good news that he wasn’t sure whether to go for the car or the 80% cash alternative.

And so, the next day, we called him back…


Did you manage to get any sleep last night?

I slept like a baby! How could you not after such fantastic news?!


So, what’s it going to be, are you opting for the Tesla or the €80,000 cash alternative?

The Tesla is a beauty, but to be honest with you I already have a car and don’t need a second one at the moment, so I think I am going to go for the Cash alternative instead.


That must have been one of the most difficult decisions of your life! Do you have any big dreams you want to fulfill with all that Cash?

I can’t wait to travel somewhere exotic & far away! I will definitely treat myself to a few travel adventures outside of Europe, but some of the Cash will also go towards my mortgage and other than that I will just enjoy my day to day life. Having a little extra money on my account definitely makes life a whole lot easier!


Did you think you’d stand a chance at winning when you entered the promotion?

To be honest with you, I always felt a little sceptical about winning when I entered campaigns of this sorts – I always wondered, ‘does anyone actually ever win?’ Well, now I know! YES! I was beyond ecstatic when you guys called me because whenever I make a deposit I always mentally prepare myself to lose that money because after all that’s just part of the game.


Have you ever won something this extraordinary?

I’ve been having a bit of a lucky streak, just a few weeks ago I won a holiday getaway worth over €10,000 and over €30,000 when I played the jackpot slot Empire Fortune at other Casinos.


What have you been enjoying the most about Mr Green’s 10 Year Anniversary promotions?

I always choose my Casinos based on their promotional offering and when I saw the Tesla promotion it immediately stood out to me. If the prize is not right I will definitely not bother playing, but playing for this hybrid super-car simply intrigued me.


Lucky for you, Mr Green’s 10 Year Anniversary celebrations aren’t over yet! We’ve got €5,000 in Cash Prizes that must be won every single day until this Wednesay.

Aug 21, 2018