How to play Mr Green’s Keno

The classical Keno game has finally come to Mr Green. Keno is like a lottery and the perfect game for those who like to try their luck at guessing the winning numbers.

Players wager by choosing numbers ranging from 1 to 80. After selecting 10 spots on the board, 20 numbers are drawn at random, with a RNG. The player is paid based on how many numbers are matched out of the chosen numbers, based on the pay table.

Here we explain the basics of playing Keno at Mr Green in a few easy steps.

How to play:

  1. Select the bet amount for available stakes 1,2,5 and 10.
  2. Select the spot from the board between 1 to 80 by clicking. Unmark a spot by clicking it again. Maximum 10 spots can be selected.
  3. Click Play to start the game after the Spot and Stake selection.

Do you feel that Lady Luck smiles at you? Choose a higher bet per draw to increase the winnings from the pay table. Choose between a bet of €1, €2, €5 or €10 per draw.

Of course, you do not have to guess right on all ten numbers to win with Mr Green’s Keno. Check out the price table to get a complete account of what you win depending on how many of your chosen numbers are drawn.

Special Features

Win-o-meter: defines the frequency of Win. The more the spot selection, the big chances of winning. Whereas, the lesser the spot selection, the often chances of winning.

Auto-play:  Allows player to select either a predetermined number of games or Until Stop. Games are automatically played until any of the following occurs:

  • the number of selected games have been played
  • the player interrupts play by clicking the Stop Auto-play button
  • there are insufficient funds for the current bet amount

Fav’s: allows you to select your favourite numbers and keep them in Fav’s library.

  • Fav’s can be played by selecting “Play Favourites” button as shown.
  • Fav’s can be saved by selecting the spot/spots from the board and then selecting “Save new favourites from the board” button.
  • Fav’s can be remove by selecting the “clear” button.

Recently Played Draws (Play this board again): allows to view last 10 draws and results. “Play this board again” is when you select that particularly viewed board’s spot/spots.

Random: Randomly selects spots to play. The number of spots selected is determined by previous play.

Clear: resets the board.

That’s it – have fun playing Mr Green’s Keno!

Sep 12, 2017