Turn your vacation into an adventure

Salutations friends. Are you planning an exquisite getaway this April, perhaps a little jaunt to places unknown? Mr Green has one piece of advice, “Get Lost!”…

That’s right, get lost. It’s the greatest way to turn a simple holiday into a thrilling adventure.

Remember, a true adventure should be as unpredictable as possible whether you’ve prepared for every eventuality or not.

With so many getaways pre-planned down to the hour and second by ‘Mable’ from the local travel agency, Mr Green urges you to try taking the road less travelled or simply skip the road altogether. Expected or unexpected, you will remember a ‘true’ adventure for the rest of your life.

Mr Green remembers fondly his unexpected adventure in Hawaii. Mr Green was undertaking a short exploration mission along the pacific trenches – from the comfort of his personal submarine, of course – when a system malfunction resulted in an emergency “crash” landing on a beautiful volcanic beach. With no means of communication and very few rations, Mr Green survived for 30 days and nights plucking guava directly from the palms and camping under the stars right there on the beach while he attempted to fix his vessel. When he did eventually fix it, low and behold, he had crashed onto the Hawaiian island of Kauai and help was only a few miles away.

Maybe one day he will explain further about what happened during those 30 days and nights, but that’s for another day. In the meantime, why not get lost yourself with Aloha! Cluster Pays?

Nov 20, 2016