The Tux – A complicated affair

The tuxedo has the power to send a man into the sartorial stratosphere, which is precisely why you must choose your tux wisely.

Some black here, some white there – wearing a tux doesn’t appear to be a complicated affair at first sight. After all, a tux embodies simplicity, how hard could it be? Well, there are unwritten rules governing this classic ensemble. Rules so very subtle, the slightest miss-match from pocket square to bow tie has the potential to turn your evening event into a stylish disaster.

Of course, we don’t want that to happen, so I asked Mr Green himself for fashion advice to ensure you will look sharp no matter what.

First of all, be sure to invest in a good-quality tuxedo. If money is an issue, you can invest in a proper jacket only and use an alternative formal trouser to complete your dapper outfit. Now this begs the question, which colour should you choose?

Essentially, you have two choices. Either go for the classic black or midnight blue for a shimmering, slightly more dramatic look. A classic tux ensemble may not give you a whole lot of colour options, but if you stick to the classic colours, your tux will never go out of fashion.

No matter what tux style you choose, at the heart of your ensemble will always be your bow tie. From skinny bow ties to butterfly bows and different patterns, your neckpiece mirrors your personality and character. Not only is the bow tie a tux essential, it can also become a real conversation piece if worn properly.

Another must-wear accessory is the pocket square. Be sure to wear a linen or cotton for a sleek appearance. Choosing a dashing red or burgundy pocket square adds a bold touch to your look.

The cummerbund on the other hand, remains the most underappreciated formal accessory. Many gentlemen believe the cummerbund to be merely a glorified waistband, when in fact it plays not only an important part in the tux tradition, it also has the power to make you look smokin’ hot. That’s right gentleman, the cummerbund can make you appear taller and makes your waist look much slimmer.

Shiny black shoes are imperative to make your ensemble complete. No, not black sneakers. Okay, you don’t have go as far as opera pumps perhaps, they are not completely in step with modern life either. Any simple black shoe with a high gloss will do. And of course, don’t forget to buy a comfortable pair too.

Last but not least, wear your tux well and don’t forget to always act like a gentleman!


Feb 24, 2017