The Journey into outer Space

Do you ever stare into the sky on a starry night & wonder if there’s extra-terrestrial life out there? What’s beyond all of those glistening stars & what life lays among them?

Space is a wondrous reality. Mr Green has always been utterly captivated by our galaxy. On a clear night he could get lost staring through the lens of his telescope for hours, speculating upon the possibilities of the great spacious sea that is our cosmos.

Mr Green’s perpetual curiosity for the unknown was longing for answers. Armed with a fountain pen and a blank piece of paper, he was determined to find answers. The result?

He came up with a perfect plan. A plan that would send one lucky player to the very edge of space to explore our beautiful universe.

The space mission wasn’t an easy feat by any means. Björn from Sweden, the lucky player that was assigned to complete this critical operation, had to travel all the way to the distant lands of Russia to board the spaceship. He had to undergo intensive training to ensure his body could resist the strong G-forces he was going to face throughout his (edge of) space journey.

On 16/7/2014 the big day had finally arrived. Strapped in tightly, Björn’s heart was thumping and pumping. His body was bursting with endorphins, ready to take on the universe.

This earth, our galaxy and whatever is out there even afar from the mind’s eye is outright overwhelming. At first, the space jet was moving gently through the firmament, but as soon as it hit the stratosphere it was as if Björn was lifted out of his body. What an incredible feeling!

Regrettably, no alien life forms were discovered.

In celebration of International Space Day, Mr Green sits in front of his fireplace in complete nostalgia. Mr Green is so proud and delighted to have dedicated players like Björn that believe in Mr Green’s Casino. One person’s passion for playing slots, turned into memories that will last a lifetime.

But who knows what the next space mission will hold?


Nov 19, 2016