Mr Green’s quirky Hobbies

The sun is peeking out of the clouds more often, the days are getting longer and the birds are chirping in content as the warmth of the sun is slowly heating up the reels.

It’s during this magical time of the year that Mr Green can finally ‘get his hands dirty’ and pursue one of his favourite hobbies – gardening that is.

Did I just hear you chuckle? Perhaps you are having trouble imagining our suit-wearing gentleman in full-blown gardening attire? Mr Green can assure you, there is nothing more inspiring than witnessing new life spring up from the ground where the day before there had been nothing but cold dirt.

After such a harsh winter, Mr Green begins by clipping off all the dry branches from his trees, plants and flowers. As soon as the plants are freed from all the desiccated twigs, Mr Green is struck in awe how each and every one of his plants slowly regains energy.

Once all of the plants are clipped and topped up with fresh soil, the most exciting part begins. Every spring Mr Green takes cuttings of his existing plants. He takes his first cutting of the bright pink Geranium that beautifully decorates his front door entrance. He places the scissors right where the branch has sprung into a juicy green colour and gently cuts the stem.

He puts the cutting into a little water jug and lets it sit there, whilst he continues to take more cuttings from other plants and flowers. Mr Green begins to sort through his flower pot collection and selects the smallest ones for his cuttings. The smaller the pot, the better!

Before he fills the tiny little pots with soil, he places a stone just big enough to cover 90 percent of the opening in the bottom of the flower pot. The rock will serve as a pot saucer and prevent too much water from dripping out later on.

Mr Green swears by root powder and dips the bottom of the stem into the little container before he places it deep into the soil. He turns on the hose and gently sprinkles lukewarm water over the freshly-planted flowers.

Mr Green highly recommends giving gardening a try. Mother Nature is so very magical in its own right and there’s nothing more fascinating than watching tiny little cuttings grow into majestic flowers.

If you don’t have the luxury of your own garden, a tiny little bit of outside space, such as a balcony or roof will certainly suffice for that matter. If you don’t have any outside space whatsoever, why not give back to Mother Nature and plant a few flowers out in the wild?

Nov 18, 2016