The Gentleman Inventor

A gentleman is, if nothing else, resourceful and ingenious. From tiny tyke creating his first rocket ship from cardboard, to a real life space ship – that’s Mr Green…

I personally like to think of Mr Green as the original MacGyver… you know, that TV show from the 80s with the guy who took down tanks using nothing but a paper clip and a stick of bubble gum.

Well Mr Green loves to regale all of us at Mr Green’s Casino with tales of fun, fantasy and adventure, and one of the most amazing stand out features of his stories are his use of everyday items to solve puzzles, or get himself out of sticky situations… usually hidden traps in old tombs.

In fact, Mr Green saved over 80 passengers on the Trans-Mongolian railway many years ago while on his way to Beijing for an exclusive unveiling of previous unseen ancient Asian artefacts. Upon uncovering these artefacts, Mr Green had solved an ancient riddle of the Yellow Emperor of China over 4500 years ago… but that story is perhaps better left for another time.

The heavy snow fall meant the train was stuck in the middle of a perilous drift on the side of the Ural mountains, and if it remained there, was in danger of being swept off the tracks and down the mountain side. Something had to be done and be it from a bolt of inspiration, amazing genius or pure dumb luck, Mr Green had an idea. There wasn’t enough salt on board to melt the snow but there ware reams and reams of aluminium foil used in the dining car and ash from the steam engine. The clear blue skies and heat from the sun could be used to effectively melt the snow faster.

The sheets of aluminium were forced deep into the snow and the ash spread across the surface of the snow allowing the snow to absorb more heat and melt more rapidly than the surrounding snow. Voila, the snow melted enough to allow the train to move away and continue its journey.

Of course, there is also Mr Green’s patented ‘Bowler Barber’ hat that allows for a gentleman to always have a fresh, clean haircut no matter where they are. After all, you never know when a gentleman will require a fresh and dapper look.

Oct 26, 2016