A true gentleman’s home

Being a proper gent or lady is not just about looking dapper from head to toe. Very much like your wardrobe is a mirror-image of your personality, your home should be no different.

And if you’re anything like Mr Green and enjoy hosting the occasional get-to-together, having a few design-conscious pieces would make entertaining your friends and family at home all the more enjoyable.

Aspiring interior design extraordinaire Mr Green was so kind to compile a list of must-have décor and items that no gentleman’s home should be without.

Piece of Art


There’s a fine line between minimalist interior design and an empty dull atmosphere. Beautiful and well-placed wall art can create a true sense of home. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend your life-savings on an original Picasso, instead opt for a print of your choice and frame it. And voila your walls will match that ultimate sophistication and style of your attire.


An Armchair 



Even if you live a busy life such as Mr Green’s, you still deserve to relax in style! From contemporary to shabby chic and antique styles – an elegant and comfortable armchair is a must-have piece of furniture in your home. The colour is of course optional, but green is a pretty contemporary yet timeless choice don’t you think?

A shoe care kit


Your home could be the grandest of designs, but if you greet your guests with a shabby-looking pair of shoes, your style credibility is going to crumble down quickly. A lot of footwear specialist manufacture beautifully designed valet kits that will not only make your shoes sparkle, but your living quarters too.


A Robe 


The doorbell rings and you open the door to sign for your package, and suddenly, it hits you. The mail man’s plain ol’ uniform has more style than your patterned PJs. A stylish robe will not only make your lazy weekends at home a fashionable affair, but it will promise total comfort too.

Dec 27, 2016