Turn Mondays into Fundays

If you’re anything like Mr Green, there’s nothing quite like that first spin of the slots on a Monday morning. Try it for yourself, you might like it…

Allow me to fill you in on a little secret… (writer glances left and right and leans in to whisper) it’s not a brew of fresh coffee that gives Mr Green his “get up and go” on a Monday morning.

A few spins of his newest game, or a visit to one of his favourite classic slots like Gonzo’s Quest or Jack and the Beanstalk and BANG! Before you know it, in the blink of an eye, Mr Green has more energy than a jackrabbit on Red Bull.

It’s true, I’ve seen it for myself.

(Writer sits back and smiles as he begins to recount a memory) It was the morning after Mr Green’s invitation ball. We partied all day and all night like only Mr Green the gentleman can, with great games, fantastic live music and wonderful out of this world events… there was actually this one moment when during a particularly catchy jazz number, Mr Green unfurled his umbrella and danced and before we knew it gracefully rose up into the sky, strutting his stuff like he was walking on air. To this day we don’t know how he did it, it was just simply… marvellous!

All Mr Green’s guests had game themed rooms to spend the night in within Mr Green’s home, and while most were peacefully sleeping the Monday morning away, this writer had to get up for work. It was a bright and early start and believe me, I wished I could have been tucked up back in bed but duty called and so did a big mug of coffee. Whilst I sat in the games foyer sipping my liquid gold, I heard the sounds of a game being played. “Who would be playing at this time of the morning” I thought to myself. Standing, I made my way through the rows and islands of slot games and found Mr Green chuckling to himself whilst playing Starburst, he then turned his head to me, tipped his iconic bowler and said, “Do you know what’s better than that coffee first thing on a Monday morning? Fun! These amazing games always bring a smile to my face and remind me that every day we should have fun, It’s the greatest wake-up call you’ll ever have, trust me. In fact, we should call Mondays, Fundays!” Then like an on-stage performer he departed, chuckling Monday, Funday as he left.

So that’s what I do every Monday, I spend a few minutes playing one of my favourite games, or take the opportunity to try something new. And you know what, it really does turn my Monday… into a Funday. What about you?

Nov 21, 2016