A fine example of a true gentleman

Wearing a tailored suit, expensive shoes and fancy watch does not a gentleman make. Here are a few tasteful hints from Mr Green himself to evolve from man, to gentleman…

You’ve seen them around town, dapper gents decked out in tailored three-piece suits, pocket squares and a snazzy pair of brogues. Now as much as Mr Green loves a dapper gent, simply wearing the uniform doesn’t mean the men wearing them can be classified as ‘gentlemen.’

Today, Mr Green wants to have a look at just some (not all) of the qualities a true gentleman should possess. Mr Green would also like to note that these rules also apply to the fairer sex, too.

Be respectful… always
A true gentleman, and gentlewoman (lady) for that matter, should be polite and respectful to everyone, regardless of gender or social status. Simply put, treat others, as you yourself want to be treated… sums it up nicely if I do say so myself.

Their actions speak louder than words
Promises are all too easily broken these days. A true gentleman and gentlewoman live by the code, that their word is their bond, and what they actually do means so much more than simply words. Whether it’s turning up at the promised time for a date, taking out the trash or delivering those all-important Free Spins at the time promised.

Manners make the gentleman
And of course, a lady. No amount of power, money and success is a substitute for proper manners… never. As the Brits say, “Mind your Ps and Qs”, behave properly and never forget to say please and thank you. Chivalry is not dead, it’s simply evolved, hold a door open for another person, spend quality time with your family or offer your umbrella to shelter someone in need. These small gestures speak volumes!

These 3 simple rules aren’t difficult or hard to do, they are just easily forgotten. Give them a try or why not let us know how you live the life of a gentleman or gentlewoman, in your life?

Nov 22, 2016