Who took home a Mazda MX5 & €100,000?

It was a fantastic eight weeks wasn’t it!? We rounded up our magical 10 Year Anniversary celebrations with two amazing prizes:

Firstly, our prize of the week, the Mazda MX5 found its forever home in the arms of German player Shkurte H. Well done to all those that entered but the fate of this four wheeled beast was to zoom into the mist of the Black Forest as the sun set on a week of pure excitement.

Our second winner also hails from the lederhosen lovin’ country of Germany, Rasid H. took home first prize of our €200,000 CASH prize giveaway – a whopping €100,000!

Neither winner could believe their luck, with our German VIP support having to confirm that it was the truth multiple times:


“Can I get this in writing so I know it is not a joke!” 

“I’m at work at the moment, I’ll never be able to concentrate now”


Check out our Live Draw below where we made one Mr Green players dreams come true…


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Oct 04, 2018