Player Spotlight – Shane Supple

It’s over 9 years ago already when footballer Shane Supple decided to turn his back on professional football at the tender age of 22.

Even though Supple’s decision was incomprehensible for fans and aspiring footballers, the truth is, Supple preferred to quit rather than surround himself with individuals that had no genuine interest in the game.

There’s no doubt that the game could use more sincere, humble and caring people like Supple which is exactly why we were beyond ecstatic when Supple surprisingly returned to the game with League of Ireland side Bohemians two years ago.

And we were even more so excited to interview him about what he’s been up to since his great return.


A little over 2 years ago you had your debut back on Irish soil as a goalkeeper for Bohs, how does it feel to be back in theame?

I’m delighted to be back in the game with Bohs. They are a massive club in Ireland as well as being my local club with some great people involved which have all contributed to it being an enjoyable couple of years back between the sticks for me.

You were only 22 years of age when you retired from football and many people felt that you were tossing away your golden ticket when in fact your decision was very humble. Back then you stated that the players you came across didn’t care much for their club, how do you feel about this now 10 years later?

I feel exactly the same as I did back then. I wasn’t happy being in that environment and knew I needed to get away from it. I’m happy to be back in the game now around good people in the Irish game.

In which way is that atmosphere different at your current club?

There are no big egos in our dressing room just a good bunch of honest lads who respect and play for each other. We have some great characters too that keep the dressing room entertained.

Do you still play GAA when your schedule allows it, what fascinates you most about the sport?

I have steeped away from playing GAA in the last few months due to the demands of my schedule with Bohs and getting a bit older!! The game is amateur and the commitment from players and management is incredible. The training and effort put into preparing for games is unbelievable for an amateur sport.

How do you feel about France’s recent World Cup win, were you rooting for any nation in particular?

I had them in the Bohs sweepstake so I was happy to see them win but would have liked to see Croatia win it. They are such a small nation with some really gifted players, it would have been nice to see them win it.

You still have a good few years left in your career as a goal keeper, can you see yourself returning to English football in the future at all?

No, I am happy in Ireland and will finish my career out in the League of Ireland.

During your hiatus you were keeping yourself busy with a goalkeeping academy and recently you set-up Supple Coaching, where you work as a Life and Performance Coach, is this something you are planning on continuing once you hang up your gloves?

I might get back involved in some coaching when I finish playing but I will definitely continue my Life and Performance Coaching working with clients in helping them identify and work towards achieving their personal or business goals or aspirations. This is something I am really passionate about and can do alongside my football and carry it on when I do eventually hang up my gloves.

Aug 28, 2018