Like adventures & love your cars?

If you love exploring all the beautiful places Europe has to offer but are looking for a bit more adrenaline than baking in the sun, NexusBall might just be right up your ‘tarmac’.

Get ready to book your leave for 2019 because we spoke to Ludvig, one of the co-founders to give you an exclusive insight into what NexusBall is all about.


You are one of the co-founders alongside your buddy Cliff Bergman, so how exactly was NexusBall born?

Cliff and I met at a similar event back in 2016 and we were not very happy with the organization of that rally so we thought – why not create something of our own? Our initial plan was to organize a rally for our friends and family only, but then we were thinking ‘there’s gotta be more adrenaline junkies like us out there that would fall in love with the event’.

So I built the first website and one night the first team submission appeared in my inbox and from there on it has just been one crazy ride. NexusBall 2017 saw a total of 32 cars, 75 this summer and only a few days after this year’s finish line we already had 30 spots filled.

How is NexusBall different from other rallies?

There are 3 major differences, we start and end in Sweden as this was one of the biggest issues with the rally we attended in 2016, that one started in London and ended in the south of Spain so the extra travel just to get there and home was not great.

We cap it at 100 teams as we want to build a community, the friendships that are made during the rally last a lifetime, we have a chat group from the first rally that is still ongoing. The third thing is we only pick awesome hotels at great locations. Myself and Cliff actually do the entire trip beforehand to try out all the hotels and garages to make sure they are worthy of the excellent experience that NexusBall offers.

This year’s edition began in Stockholm, then you headed to Copenhagen, from there to Berlin and the rally ended in Gdańsk – which city was your favourite and why?

Hard to say, Stockholm was amazing with the massive start line just outside the Swedish castle with over 1000s of people watching. In Copenhagen we had an amazing party at Lusso that I think none of the drivers will ever forget.

In Berlin we were escorted (friendly but firm) by the police and Gdansk is a beautiful summer city where we had the opportunity to park the cars in the middle of the old town for all people to see. And Visby was just amazing, the finish line in the harbour and not to forget the epic beach club party at Kallis, followed by a gala dinner and big night out.

You drove over 2,000 km in this year’s rally, are you planning on expanding your route for 2019? Is there a city that you’d like to add to the route?

Next year we are starting in Stockholm and heading down to Prague via Trelleborg, then onward to Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Hamburg and ending in Tylösand, one of the most iconic summer cities on the west coast of Sweden. The 2019 route will be about 3000km of absolute driving awesomness!

Last year you drove a Ferrari 458, but this year you were showing off in Munich’s little miracle car – a stunning BMW i8. Why did you decide to go completely hybrid this year?

I always thought that it was a really cool car and do believe that hybrid is the way forward, and those super cool wing doors – it was love at first sight.

The BMW i8 sprints from 0-60mph in an impressive 4.5 seconds what did you enjoy most about driving the car?

Gosh I loved so many things about this car, I don’t even know were to begin! But one of the things that impressed me the most was how smooth the ride was. Some supercars are hard to drive, this was just like driving a normal car but much much much faster.


This year’s rally featured the king of supercars – a Bugatti Veyron, which car was your personal favourite?

The Bugatti Veyron was amazing to see, but I think my personal favorite was the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG which also won the “Car of the Year” award.

What can rally fans expect from next year’s edition?

Next year I’m certain we are going to have 100 super, muscle and sport cars on the start line so that will be freaking amazing. I also think the new stops will be really cool and it feels super nice to bring NexusBall to new fans across Europe.

If you had the chance to buy any car in the world right now, what car would that be and why? 

That would be a Ferrari 458 Italia hahaha, don’t get me wrong I loved the BMW i8 but there is just something special about 570 Italian horse powers breathing behind your back.

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Aug 03, 2018