Will your nation win the Reel Thrill World Championship?

Will you make your nation proud? Dare to take on players from 11 different Mr Green nations, win 1000s of Spin Rewards along the way and claim the prestigious Reel Thrill World Championship title. Welcome to the ultimate battle of all Mr Green nations!

Conquer a top leaderboard position in our selected daily Reel Thrills, win 1000s of Free Spins and earn country points for a chance to compete in a special CASH Reel Thrill.

The country with the most points at the end of the promotion will be crowned Reel Thrill World Champion and rewarded with a special €5,000 CASH Reel Thrill. View the leaderboard at the bottom of our campaign page to keep yourself updated with the top performing countries.

1st Place: 150 Free Spins + 50 Points
2nd Place: 100 Free Spins + 45 Points
3rd Place: 50 Free Spins + 40 Points
4th Place: 25 Free Spins + 35 Points
5th Place: 10 Free Spins + 30 Points
6th Place: 25 Points
7th Place: 20 Points
8th Place: 15 Points
9th Place: 10 Points
10th Place: 5 Points

The country with the most points at the end of this promotion will win a special ‘Starburst’ Reel Thrill totaling €5,000 in Cash Prizes. The Reel Thrill will take place on 9th of April between 7pm and 8pm.

Grand Prize – Cash Reel Thrill

1st Place: €2000
2nd Place: €1000
3rd Place: €500
4th Place: €250
5th Place: €125
6th Place: €75
7th Place: €50
8th -47th Place: €25

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Mar 21, 2017