Monkey see, monkey do, monkey WIN

From fighting off its toughest opponents without even breaking a sweat to shape-shifting to anything you could possibly imagine and even magically awarding player accounts with random CASH PRIZES – the ‘Golden Monkey’s’ power is beyond compare.

Dare to unleash the Cash power of the mischievous ‘Golden Monkey’ and you could become the king of the slots jungle.

Simply play ‘Golden Monkey’ in real-money mode between 00:00 CET on June 2nd and 23:59 CET on June 4th for a chance to win random Cash Prizes.

The chances of triggering a cash reward are proportional to your bet size – so the bigger your bet, the wilder your winning chances are. All Cash Prizes awarded are real Cash and therefore free of any wagering requirements.

All Cash Prizes are credited instantly within the powerful realm of the ‘Golden Monkey’ slot game.

Cash Prizes
1x €300 | 1x €250 | 1x €200 | 1x €125 | 1x €100 | 5x €75 | 5x €50


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Jun 02, 2017