A Kingdom’s worth of wealth awaits

King Green cordially invites you to play his majestic new slot ‘Goldify’ where reels are carved out of gold, diamond-encrusted Cash Prizes adorn the wall and royal rewards just await to be conquered. His royal highness has decreed that ‘Goldify’ from this day forth, shall reward 1,500 brave warriors with a share of €15,000 in Cash Prizes.

The battle commences between 13:00 on the 24th of November and 23:59 on the 4th of December. Every €10 wagered on ‘Goldify’ generates one prize draw tickets for the royal Cash Giveaway.

The Cash Prizes are as follows:
10x = €200
15x = €100
25x = €50
40x = €20
480x = €10
930x = €5

A random prize draw will be conducted on December 5th where all warriors shall be honoured with a share of the Cash.

Join Mr Green’s Kingdom today and reap the reward. Long live King Green!

Nov 26, 2016