Go LIVE Beyond LIVE with €10,000

Ready for a €10,000 thrill that just won’t quit? Calling all adrenaline junkies to the table – it’s time to live LIVE on the edge with a promotion of epic proportions.

Play on any LIVE Beyond LIVE table now and every €10 you wager will earn you a ticket to Mr Green’s awesomely adventurous Live Draw. And guess what?

There is no limit to how many tickets you can earn throughout the whole promotion! The more tickets you will earn, the greater your winning chances will be in the Cash Prize Draw.

Will one of the below Cash Prizes be sitting in your account at the end of this promo?

1st Prize: €2250
2nd Prize: €1750
3rd Prize: €1400
4th Prize: €1100
5th Prize: €900
6th Prize: €800
7th Prize: €600
8th Prize: €500
9th Prize: €400
10th Prize: €300

Sign up for a Mr Green account or head on over to our LIVE Beyond LIVE tables to claim your share of our €10,000 Cash Prize Pool.

Jul 16, 2018