Get your Kicks on Route 66

Join Mr Green on his Route 66 road trip and be in for a chance to win 1 of 3 luxurious city breaks to the U.S., fill the bed of your pick-up with thousands of Free Spins along the way and win a share of €5,000.

And these are our amazing U.S.A prize packages, which one do you want to win the most?

New York, New York

Visit the Big Apple with a guest of your choice, and like a real Upper East Sider, enjoy VIP access to the Empire State Building, explore the city’s jewels in a private luxury SUV and take in Manhattan’s stunning skyline on a private helicopter tour.

As if that’s not glamorous enough, this all-inclusive travel package also includes a day trip to Washington DC with a professional tour guide, as well as €1,000 in spending money – total prize package value is €10,000.
Will you ❤ New York?

Welcome to the Sunshine State

There’s so much more to Florida than glorious weather, sun-kissed beaches and alligators – the envied sunshine state is also the gateway to space. Located one small step from Orlando where our lucky winner will be staying, is the famed Kennedy Space Center.

Forget commercial behind-the-scenes tour, this full-day experience is the greatest space adventure on earth! Our lucky winner will eat lunch with an astronaut, train like a real astronaut, experience microgravity and join the crew on a mission simulation.

This once-in-a-lifetime adventure is worth €5,000, so what do you say, are you ready for blast off?

The City of Angels

No other corner of Los Angeles is steeped in as much mythology as Hollywood. The iconic L.A neighbourhood sparkles with gems of old glamorous hotels, celebrity hangouts and the legendary Walk of Fame.

Enjoy all the glitz and glam of a real movie star and get VIP access to movie archives and special access to backlots on a 4-hour Paramount Studios tour. The prize package also includes a gourmet meal and €250 in spending money – total prize value is €5,000.

Will you steal the limelight and win this blockbuster prize?tour guide, as well as €1,000 in spending money – total prize package value is €10,000.

For more information on how to fill the bed of your pick up with one of our amazing prizes, visit Mr Green’s Route 66 campaign page.

May 11, 2018