Red Tiger Spills the Beans About ‘Lucky Mr Green’

Mr Green is proud of all the fun and fantastic slot machines on offer at his Casino, but one release he is particularly proud of is his brand new self-titled slot ‘Lucky Mr Green’.

We wanted to create a slot that captures the showmanship you’ve come to know and love from the man in green.  And so we have teamed up with digital gaming provider Red Tiger Gaming and did just that – in collaboration with Red Tiger’s talented team, we created a fun, fast, colourful slot with fantastic bonus features.

Now that the slot is live, we wanted to check in with Carl, Red Tiger’s Account Director, to see what the game creators enjoyed most about working on ‘Lucky Mr Green’.


‘Lucky Mr Green’ is the first branded Casino slot game you have ever released, what interested you most about this project?

We just love the brand. Mr Green is a fantastic online casino and we were really proud to make a game exclusively for you guys that celebrates the fun that you’ve created for your players.

What sets the ‘Lucky Mr Green’ release apart from the other slots you have developed so far?

Every game we make is unique in its own way. The primary difference is our close collaboration with the team at Mr Green as we worked together to entertain their player base with some extra excitement!


How closely were you working with the Mr Green crew to design the slot?

All good brands have solid brand guidelines. Your brand guidelines are especially well thought through and we collaborated closely to deliver the best of Red Tiger through the power of your brand. It was a pleasure working with you!

I LOVE the overall roaring 20s and Great Gatsby vibe, was that era your main inspiration?

Absolutely. The era was full of new possibilities having shaken off the First World War and the party scene became more liberal. Economies started to boom and the optimistic fun created a mood that we felt worked really well for a slot game. 

‘Lucky Mr Green’ features 4 random lucky bonus rounds, my personal favourite is the ‘Showtime’ feature! In your opinion what feature is the most unique and rewarding?  

That’s like asking which is your favourite child! I think that are all unique in their own ways. When you make games you get so involved in the individual features, as well as their interactions together that it’s really hard to single out a favourite bit.

Not only have you hit the nail on the head when it comes to the overall slot design, but the slot even ‘sounds’ like Mr Green! What music styles do you associate with the Mr Green brand?

The brand is so versatile that I think that really depends on the theme integrated with it. This time we had a really clear theme that went very well with the audio that we made so the direction was clear. We create all our audio in house with our team of musicians and audio engineers. They loved this one. 

What did you enjoy most about working on the ‘Lucky Mr Green’ slot?

 Launching it! It’s absolutely sky rocketed and that’s what it’s all about in the end!


Are you ready to swing a leg in our exclusive slot Lucky Mr Green? Play the slot for free or real-money at Mr Green’s Casino right now.

Jul 06, 2018