Mr Green’s New Year Casino Resolutions

New Year is the time for resolutions, promises and vows we make to ourselves and each other. Mr Green is of course no different.

So the gentleman has sat down at his old typewriter to contemplate upon what would make 2017 an amazing year not only for himself, but for you – the beloved Mr Green player.

Are you ready to ring out the old and ring in the new in true Casino style?

Healthy Living

Five Spins a day, keep the doctor away! Live healthier and play healthier. Get your five a day with Mr Green’s freshly harvested slot games.

All sourced locally, Mr Green’s games are 100% organic and packed with juicy winning-goodness. So how about that smoothie?


Travel the World

So much of what you are is where you’ve been! Turn 2017 into a travel adventure and immerse yourself in different slot cultures.

Discover unknown locales, experience ancient traditions and uncover hidden treasures.


Have you always wanted those rock-hard abs and a strong, bulky bank balance? Unleash your inner athlete in 2017 and stay fit by ‘spinning’ your favourite slots.

Sweat out those toxins, burn those calories and breathe in huge winning-opportunities. Before you know it you’ll have that perfect summer bod in no time.


Dec 30, 2016