Mr Green’s Dream Decade

Mr Green is throwing himself one hell of a party this year to celebrate the 10th year his entertainment enterprise has wowed men and women alike. Every month has a different theme and location with eye watering prizes for his loyal followers!

This marvellous man may have started an estranged life as an orphan but, his love of entertainment and his gentle generosity of a gentleman meant that even though he lived for entertainment it was success that ultimately followed.

In the year 2018, Mr Green will grasp for new heights and defy expectations, he is ready to entertain the masses in a Gatsby-like era guaranteed to stun, amaze and of course, entertain.

In January, our humble yet handsome Mr Green gave away 4-wheels of pure style. A car to drive into your dreams. One lucky Greener was able to roll around is the luxury and style of a BMW convertible, starting their year off on a marvellous Mr green high.

In February, he has rocked the lights of Las Vegas, bringing two lucky winners with him so to embody the dying rule of “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”! They will rest their heads on the pillows of Caesar’s Palace for 8 nights, have their taste-buds tantalised with the alluring menu of high-end Japanese restaurant Nobu, before taking to the sky to study one of the world’s most breathtaking natural wonders; The Grand Canyon. The city of sin has drawn in crowds for years but expect nothing but the best when being accompanied by the world’s greatest gentleman.

March madness seems to have enveloped our Mr Green, a vision of Midas with his golden touch stands before us. There has always been something devilishly alluring about gold, alchemists spent their days trying to understand this seductive temptress hoping to learn its secrets and re-create this valuable metal. They never did.

Maybe it is the mystery of gold that still makes it so sought after today, maybe it is the value we have placed upon it, we can’t be sure. What we can be sure of is that Mr Green is about to make any gold-lovers dream an absolute reality by giving away a solid, 1KG bouillon of pure gold.  Will you be the one walking away with gold fingers?

What a way to start the year and we still have 9 mysterious months left to go before this decade of decadence is called to a close. Are you looking for entertainment? Then look no further.

Mar 23, 2018