Mr Green meets NetEnt Live

This month saw the launch of our brand-new Live Casino games from provider NetEnt Live.


As well as exhibiting our stylish Mr Green branding, the innovative new games – including new Blackjack, Perfect Blackjack, Blitz Blackjack and Roulette – have a ‘smart-move’ system allowing players to easily switch between tables. It’s no surprise they were crowned ‘Best Live Casino Provider 2019’ at the South European Gaming (SEG) Awards.


With pen and paper in hand and eager to find out more, we headed down to the NetEnt Live studios to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse and chat with some of the live dealers.


Can you summarise your NetEnt Live experience in a few sentences?        

Almina: My experience in NetEnt Live for the past four years has been amazing and the best place I’ve ever worked so far. It’s the MOST interesting job! NetEnt is so professional, safe and well organised that when I’m at work, I feel like I’m home.


What’s the best part about working in the NetEnt Live studio?

Almina: Well, NetEnt Live studio is a vibrant place, cool co-workers, nice, clean and safe establishment to work. Here, you’re constantly surrounded by all emotions all the time. Some days are tougher than others, but mostly it’s a fun environment and we really like the atmosphere. Every day is different!


Paris: I’ve been working with NetEnt for four years and co-workers are like family to me. Everyone is willing to help you, and if you need to ask or learn something they will do their best to show and teach you. Our management appreciate what we do and we want to become bigger and more professional everyday.


What’s the most fun NetEnt Live game to present?

Almina: From Day One I liked Roulette the most.


Paris: For me the most fun game is Blitz Blackjack because you see different decisions and opinions from the players. Blitz is multi-seated, so all the players have to wait for the other players decisions to see the dealers hand! Most of the time you see players getting mad about other players decisions!


Can you share a funny story or situation you had while presenting on NetEnt Live tables?

Paris: For me, I think the funniest situation I had on a table while live dealing was a time when I felt that I needed to sneeze and for around half a minute I was trying to sneeze and couldn’t! I was pulling a really funny face and the players were asking me if I was OK!

Why should Mr Green players play on NetEnt Live tables?

Almina: Because we’re happy and positive dealers. We’re relaxed in front of the cameras and we easily adapt to new situations and circumstances. We’re very responsible and patient and we have good knowledge of our games, so we try our best to make every session special for our players and go above and beyond for them.


Paris: We definitely aspire to create the perfect atmosphere for our players. We do our best to give 100% and as dealers we’re able to help and explain things to players, especially ones who are new to our Live Casino. Our games are easy to understand because you can find all the information and the rules of each game.


And finally, if you could recommend one game to a new Mr Green player, which would it be?

Almina: Even if I prefer to present Roulette, I think for a new player I would recommend Blackjack!


Paris: I’d recommend the standard Blackjack tables; I love working on them, especially when players play Higher Bets with SideBets and get suited trips – I get excited more then players!



Huge thanks to Almina and Paris for taking the time out to talk to us with such energy and enthusiasm. Big thanks also to the whole NetEnt Live team for giving us a fun glimpse into studio life.


You can enjoy our brand-new games here – have fun!



Feb 27, 2020