Living the ‘Piggy Riches’ life

From luxury cars and exclusive goodies to dream vacations – living the Piggy Riches life sure is grand, but if you brought home the bacon, how would you live it?

Mr Green’s good friends and neighbours are Lord and Lady ‘Riches’, famous for their game Piggy Riches that they have graciously allowed us to feature as today’s Garden Party Free Spins.

But we were wondering, Piggy Riches is all about how they live the high life with all their wealth… but if it were you, how would you live it?

It’s actually amazing to see that most people upon winning a life changing amount of money would make responsible choices first. For example paying off student loans, mortgages and any big bills for family members and even friends.

So this writer thought he would put together the top 5 things to do if you won a life changing jackpot – from those who have won:

Help those in need: Thinking of others and those who are struggling to get by day after day seems to be the number one pick for big lottery winners. This includes donating big to charities that have personal and significant meaning to that individual. We tip our hats to these heroes!

Fancy toys: Be honest now, for most of us (including this writer), this is probably the first thing that pops into our heads when facing a huge jackpot win. Trading in the punto for a brand new hypercar, upgrading from that old apartment to a house in the country or taking an all-expenses paid trip around the world. The chance to buy and own things we thought impossible is hard to resist… especial for men 😉

A lifestyle change: While we don’t recommend this option, upon winning an exorbitant amount of money, the instinct to immediately quit jobs, create the world’s greatest a collection of Birkin handbags and build a villa on a deserted island in Thailand to live out your life shirtless and with the gnarliest dreadlocks ever, can be too much to resist.

Invest: It’s true that a degree of prudence can go a long way to making sure you never not have enough money ever again. Many winners of substantial sums of money reinvest in themselves, either by backing start-ups, appointing a financial manager or simply saving their money for retirement.

Don’t let it change you: Above all else, don’t let your new found wealth change who you are. If you were to go from living a simple life to instantly being able to spend thousands in cash every week, what do you think happens to your expectations in life ahead?

When your time comes, we hope you remember these few little facts and know which direction you will take!

So are you ready to score that life-changing win? Then take Piggy Riches for a spin!

Nov 20, 2016