‘Jimi Hendrix’ – The most anticipated release of the year

Well over 400,000 people are pushing against the security railing just to get one inch closer to rock ‘n’ roll legend Jimi Hendrix. All the way up at the front row it almost feels like the barrier is going to collapse at any moment. People are raging against one another and nearly jumping out of their skins.

The fans don’t want this night to ever end. As Jimi leaves the stage, the atmosphere changes instantaneously. Suddenly, the clear night sky is filled with echoes of booing and screaming in plea for Jimi to perform just one more song. Five minutes feel like an eternity.

When Jimi finally appears back on stage, the crowd ignites with euphoria. It’s like rock heaven is rising up from the crowd. Little do his fans know that Jimi is about to announce something BIG – the release of his brand new, self-titled slot game.

Recorded and produced by none other than gaming giants NetEnt, music critics anticipate the ‘Jimi Hendrix’ slot release to be his biggest effort yet.

Are you ready to rock ‘n’ reel?

Red Guitar Spin:
Can you hit the strings on four guitars simultaneously? Reel in four or more ‘Guitars’ to unleash the ‘Red Guitar’ Re-Spin Feature.
If you’re lucky enough to reel in new red guitar symbols during the re-spin mode, another re-spin is activated.

Purple Haze Feature:
‘Purple Haze’ was the song that catapulted Jimi Hendrix’ into stardom. Just like ‘Purple Haze’ features Jimi’s inventive and signature guitar sound, this bonus round will make you want to get up and dance too.
Reel in the ‘Purple Haze’ symbol on reel 1 and watch the symbols 10,J,Q,K and A transform into Wild symbols. Once the transformation of the other symbols is completed, the Purple Haze symbol on reel 1 continues to act as a wild.

Pick ‘n’ Click Feature:
Steal the limelight in Jimi Hendrix’ Pick ‘n’ Click Feature and score ‘coin wins’, ‘Crosstown Traffic Free Spins’, ‘Purple Haze Free Spins’ or ‘Little Wing Free Spins’.
Reel in three scatters on reels 3,4 and 5 during the Purple Haze feature and make your pick from one of the loudspeakers to reveal your mystery prize.

Crosstown Traffic Free Spins:
Jimi Hendrix’ iconic style of mixing blues and psychedelic elements in ‘Crosstown Traffic’ turned Jimi into arguable the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music. You too could turn into a music legend by reeling in three ‘Crosstown Traffic’ Free Spins and win up to 6 Free Spins that are jam-packed packed with wild reels.

Will this be your best slots performance yet?

Apr 20, 2016