Exclusive Interview: Mr Green Player Wins Jackpot TWICE

Long-time Mr Green player Jessica C made headlines with her huge Jackpot win on ‘Siberian Storm’ back in November 2015. Whilst she kept busy globetrotting after her first big win, Jessica still gave her favourite progressive jackpot slots the occasional spin. And then, it happened…AGAIN.

Last Sunday, Jessica played the super popular jackpot slot ‘Mega Fortune’ and sailed away €4.3 Million richer. Two huge jackpots in less than two years, that’s more than just impressive. All it takes is a single spin to make your dreams come true. It may not be your first spin or your twentieth spin, but truth is, the next jackpot winner could be you!
Mr Green Jackpot Winner

First of all, congratulations Jessica! Are you still in disbelief about your SECOND HUGE jackpot win? Did you get a chance to celebrate your big win yet? 

We celebrated with champagne of course! However, we celebrated in quite a relaxed way because I just couldn’t believe I had actually won it a second time. I still can’t believe it actually, haha!


As soon as you reached the ‘Mega Fortune’ jackpot bonus round, what was going through your mind? Did you actually believe you could crack the jackpot? 

Absolutely not, even though it has happened before. Deep down, you know that these things just don’t happen, especially not two times in a row! Unbelievable is all I can say.


Were you feeling particularly lucky that day? How long were you playing before you hit the jackpot bonus round? 

I wasn’t really counting the minutes but I think I played for around an hour before it hit!
Mr Green Jackpot Winner

In 2015 you won your very first jackpot on ‘Siberian Storm’, what inspired you to play a different jackpot slot this time around? 

I think I went for it subconsciously without any real expectations, because about 6 months before I won the first one, I had a dream about winning the lottery. I just never thought this win would come via slots.

WOW – €4.3 Million! Sounds like early retirement is on the horizon? 

It has crossed my mind and to be honest, I have been semi-retired since the first win, traveling and enjoying life as one should with such a chance. I’ve just not really decided what to do with the rest yet.


How much has your life changed since your first jackpot win, and how much do you reckon is it going to change with your second win?  

My life changed completely after the first win. I had many more possibilities to do what I wanted and I now enjoy life the way I really want to enjoy it. Everything really changed, which is understandable because it is so much money. Over a year has passed since I won the first jackpot but I still really can’t believe it, so I am really baffled over this second one!

Are there any other jackpot slots you enjoy playing besides ‘Siberian Storm’ and ‘Mega Fortune’?

I’ve been playing Wolf Run lately, but that’s about it.

How about a third jackpot win?

Well, it’s not impossible!

Yeah, you’ve already proven that to say the least! Anything else you would like to add?

I don’t really know what to say apart from that I am so happy right now, this really is unbelievable! Thank you!

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Feb 07, 2017