Mr Green & Gonzo – Friendship that will last a lifetime

Have you ever heard the tale of how Mr Green first met the pint-sized adventurer, Gonzo? No? Then please allow me to recount the tale that Mr Green told me…

Back then, the jungles of the Amazon and South America were still an unknown mystery, a mystery that was all too tempting for Mr Green’s adventurous heart to resist.

Now many considered at the time that diving headfirst into danger for the sake of adventure, a foolish endeavour, but Mr Green always said that the most dangerous risk of all is to not take that risk, and to forever live with regret.

In fact, if Mr Green had not taken that risk, he might have not have met his now-good friend Gonzo.
Stories were abound of the lost city of Eldorado possibly being located deep in the heart of the Amazon. As Mr Green told us of the tale, we could just picture the city, buried under roots, trees, untouched for hundreds of years, and whether it was true or not, Mr Green would be the one to find out.

Alone and armed with a machete and his gentleman’s explorer gear that included shoe polish, portable iron for getting those tricky creases out of his suit and his patented amazon bowler hat that looked remarkably like his regular bowler hat… Mr Green set forth.
After days of hacking, cutting and skipping (that’s right, skipping) his way through the dense, suffocating undergrowth of the jungle, Mr Green realized that his fresh water rations had become tainted, leaving Mr Green without enough fresh water to make it back to base camp.

Mr Green had left the safety of the river far behind and it had been days since the last rainfall. Darkness draws in sooner than expected in the undergrowth of the mountains and jungle, but darkness turned out to be Mr Green’s salvation.

As the darkness enveloped the ground, the trees, the sky and even Mr Green himself, a faint flicker of light could be seen far in the distance, perhaps 2000 fathoms away.

Carefully, and quietly Mr Green made his way to the light, and after for what seemed like forever, Mr Green had arrived only to discover someone’s camp.
Mr Green tried to call out, but his lips were parched and throat drier than sandpaper, he needed water – now!

Unfortunately, heat exhaustion had taken its toll and Mr Green collapsed… was this the end? Would this be Mr Green final adventure? Did he regret taking the risk, not a chance!
As his eyes became blurry, a figure approached opening an antique Spanish canteen and bringing it to Mr Green’s lips. Drink my friend, he said, my name is Gonzo.

The treasure hunt was officially over, but this disastrous adventure was the start of a beautiful friendship that would last until this day.

Gonzo and Mr Green never returned to the jungle to uncover the truth about the long lost treasure of Eldorado. I guess that means it’s your turn to uncover the treasure. Are you ready to find out what adventures await in our legendary slot Gonzo’s Quest?

Oct 31, 2010