Your Casino Dream Come True

Dazzling chandeliers, extravagant gambling stations, à la carte dining and first-class entertainment – there’s something inherently intriguing about the world’s most luxurious Casinos.

Casinos are no longer just structures made out of bricks and steel that house slot machines and table games. Modern day Casinos feature the finest architecture, radiating elegance and sophistication at every level.

An entrepreneur at heart, Mr Green appreciates the work and effort like-minded gents & ladies put into designing and erecting these beautiful Casinos all around the globe.

If you are longing for a little bit of inspiration for your next Casino adventure around the world, Mr Green compiled a list of his favourite Casinos for your convenience.
1. Win with a BANG!

Located in the bustling heart of England’s capital city, no expense was spared at London’s exclusive Ritz Carlton members’- only Casino.

If you feel like you’ve just stepped into a James Bond movie as you enter this classy establishment, it’s certainly no Déjà vu. The charismatic James Bond character has played a few rounds of poker at the Club’s lavish ‘Amber Room’ for the blockbuster movie once before.

Though this high-stakes Casino is known for more than just 007, and if you have a sweet tooth just like Mr Green does, you will understand why the Ritz Club is his number one choice.

After scoring a few big wins, treat yourself to a feast fit for a King at the Club’s award-winning cuisine. You will have your tummy craving for more just by glancing at the extensive and classic pudding menu this Club has to offer. Crème de Brule with sprinkles of melt-in-the-mouth chocolate, anyone?
2. Go down a Legend

Baden-Baden, a town primarily renowned for its lavish wellness amenities, is also home of one of the most beautiful Casinos in the entire world – the Baden-Baden Casino. As you tempt fortune, you will be stunned by the magnificent surroundings, extravagant interior and royal atmosphere.

The Baden-Baden Casino combines Mr Green’s everlasting passion for Casino games, history and culture.

This Casino’s history dates back well over 250 years and used to be the social rendezvous for noblemen and Germany’s elite class. Today this fine establishment is one of the most sought-after Casinos in the entire world.

Fancy joining Mr Green on a guided tour of the historic property after playing a few rounds of Blackjack?
3. Take a swing at the Jackpot

The elegant St Eugene Golf Resort and Casino near Cranbrook, British Columbia is one of Mr Green’s favourite Casino spots for one good reason – golf that is.

Enjoying a few rounds of golf with your pals and rounding off the evening with a nice game of Blackjack, resembles Mr Green’s perfect day out. Our gentleman has certainly become a master of his own game, but wait until you see his impeccable swing and precise putting skills.

Oh, did we mention the picturesque mountain views yet? There’s certainly nothing more delightful than making that life-changing spin, surrounded by nature’s glory.
Before you start packing your bags to embark on your next Casino adventure, why not fine-tune your skills in one of Mr Green’s Live Casino games?

Nov 19, 2016