The sky is the limit – Marketing research about Green Gaming

Read more about Bart, our Senior Customer Service Specialist, who is currently completing his Bachelor’s degree thesis research with our Marketing and Green Gaming teams!


“It all began over a year ago, when I joined Mr Green in September 2016. My journey started in the Customer Service department as a Customer Service Specialist. After completing the training called MrGreen Academy, I was ready to be part of the amazing Green Team.

After working with Mr Green for about 5 months (which was still on my probation!), I made it to a Senior Specialist role which gave me the opportunity to further develop myself and take on more responsibilities such as providing new starters with the Mr Green Sportsbook training.

During my time in Malta, I always had one thing in the back of my head, which was that I still needed to complete an internship and write a thesis for my Sales & Marketing Management studies at the University in the Netherlands. Mr Green being the perfect gentleman gave me an amazing opportunity to complete my internship within the company and so the next chapter in my great journey begins.”



“Currently I’m in the middle of my internship – I’m combining my work in the Customer Service department with my work for Green Gaming and Marketing teams while writing my graduation thesis. I am so excited for this new chapter to continue!

My internship gives me the chance to get to know even more people within the company, develop myself and gain working experience in line with my studies which will help me to improve my professional skills while working on my studies. It is a perfect example showing that Mr Green is a people company and you’re treated as an individual and not as a number. I am also very happy that my Team Leader, Green Gaming team and HR have created this new opportunity for me to pursue. 

The gentleman himself wants to know about your individual stories and dreams and is open-minded when it comes to your very own Mr Green Journey, that’s what makes Mr Green the gentleman he is!”


Stay tuned as in the next few weeks Bart will share more insights from his research on our blog!



Dec 07, 2017