The Ultimate Employee Journey – amazing career progression path in Mr Green Customer Service team!

A Place to Grow,
A Place for Everyone,
The Mr Green Employee Journey!

Almost all companies focus on improving their customer experience for very good reasons… but what about the employee experience?
Mr Green’s online casino has, since its inception back on 2008, always put its unique and colourful brand strategy first and foremost throughout its successful customer journey – Looking for entertainment? Then ask for Mr Green.
So then, how did the team at Mr Green turn a customer centric journey inwards to the benefit of their staff? They created the Mr Green Employee Journey.
While players partook of slot specials, blackjack bonuses and roulette rewards throughout their step-by-step journey with Mr Green; employees would require something similar in approach, but an altogether different animal.


Every Journey has a Beginning… The Mr Green Academy – Welcome to the Green team!
Independent of previous experience or qualifications, every new customer service employee begins their journey at the Mr Green Academy; and we’re not ashamed to admit it, but it’s the best introduction programme into iGaming in the business!
The Mr Green Academy is a training program designed to give all new employees an informative yet exciting preface into the future of iGaming – the first step if you will of an employee’s story. At the end of a focused, energetic and insightful training schedule, employees who graduate from the Academy receive a personal certificate of achievement. This is an important step towards the employee’s future at Mr Green and validation of the hard-work invested so far.
If you’d like to read more about Mr Green Academy – click here!

Green Stage – Building a career
Armed with the knowledge, skills and confident in their abilities, our CS specialists can now interact and support Mr Green customers on their journey of entertainment. Each team member applies the skills learnt from the Academy to sufficiently grow into the role of a Customer Support Specialist.
Guided and supported by their team leader, each employee undergoes various quality assurance checks and progress reports to aid further progression. Included are new training sessions and re-cap training is provided to the specialist within this time frame to help build up their knowledge and confidence.
Usually within a 2-3 month timeframe, the Team Leader may request their Specialist to move onto Bronze Tier which holds more responsibility.

Bronze Stage – Specialisation
Upon reaching Bronze level, customer service specialists are introduced to a new level of training, building upon the basics learnt in the Academy.
Training includes:
• Advanced Sports betting training
• Advanced Number games & Loyalty training
• Advanced LIVE Casino on-site training sessions

Upon successfully passing the above advanced training (3 months) the specialist will have also reached their final probation assessment. Should the specialist pass their probation, they will also move up from Bronze to Silver. Advancement also includes a special financial reward.

Silver Stage – An eye for detail
At Silver, full and detailed training is provided by the in-house Mr Green Payments and Fraud experts that will give the authority for the Silver specialist to begin approving player verification documentation.
Monthly checks are carried out with team leaders and a risk assessment will be completed for this Tier on a regular basis. Once the Specialist has shown full capability to verify and accept documentation successfully, will the specialist be considered as having successfully completed Silver, receiving a financial reward and progressing to Gold.

Gold Stage – Show me the money
Payments and the inherent risks thereof, play a pivotal role within the iGaming sector. It is our responsibility to provide a safe, secure and responsible gaming environment for our players.
At Gold, the specialist will take a vital and important step into the world of payments and fraud. Only specialists who have met the required prerequisites can begin their Gold level training. Specialists who do begin their training will receive training in withdrawal processing, spending one-on-one time with a Payments specialist to further their education in one of the most frequently discussed areas of online gambling.
Within Gold Tier, the specialist will be supported via their Team Leader and Shift Leader to help support the specialist proceed to the next level of their employee Journey.

We do not just stop at Gold Tier, we work and support our employees to reach the very top! When they successfully manage the responsibilities of the gold tier, one can reach the Platinum tier. In Platinum tier CS Specialists have successfully travelled through the ULTIMATE journey and are ready for their next adventure. Whether it will be with us in our Customer Operations Team or within other Mr Green’s departments, we are here to support everyone.

At that time, a meeting will be held with an employee to establish the path they would like to take within our company. Some may choose Marketing or Payments and Fraud, some may choose Sports book team, either way we will help jump on board their new challenge. We will arrange internships for the best employees which will give them better understanding of the path they would like to walk. One may also want to pick a package provided in our Customer Operation Team. Maybe some would like to learn more about our Team Leader roles, Shift Leader roles or our Training and Academy Team. If you show interest we will always try our very best in helping you achieve your goal and climb the ladder as some may say.



So, are you ready to start your journey? Visit our Careers page to find out how your journey with Mr Green can begin.

Jan 22, 2018