MrGreen’s football tournament

‘’Having a great time is more important’’

This day is going to be remembered as the day that Champions were born. The day that Mr Green took part in a football tournament prior to the Sigma.

The Mr Green team had been looking forward to this day for a long time and they couldn’t wait to show what they’ve got to offer on the football pitch. The weather was good, the sun was out, no clouds were to be seen as the first whistle announced the start of the first match at 10:00 in the morning.

The Gentlemen of Mr Green didn’t consider themselves as favourites for this tournament as they didn’t have much experience playing together, but the mood was good and everyone felt confident. Maybe it was the confidence that made the Gentlemen underestimate the opponent as it was only a matter of time until the first goal was lost. That was just the start of a period in which losing goals was more common for our Gentlemen than scoring them until that moment, that all our fans stood up for our team, as a ‘Gentleman fan’ would do! The rise of the fans lead to the one and only Mr Green goal in the first match of the tournament. Nothing to be ashamed of, as the opponent happened to win the tournament later that day.

The second match promised to be a more exciting one for our Gentlemen as the opponent was on a shared last place in the group with Mr Green. A quick 0-2 lead for the opposite team seemed to ruin the excitement for this game until our Gentlemen decided to step up their game. In no-time 4 goals were scored and suddenly Mr Green was back in the game! Just like the players on the pitch, the fans were unstoppable with their chants. One would think that this would lift-up our Gentlemen to make it an even greater victory, but then the impossible happened. Our gentlemen decided to join the chants, which is a beautiful gesture to all our fans, of course, but while all our Gentleman were showing their best singing skills the opponent netted three goals, resulting in a 4-5 loss for Mr Green.



In a post match interview one of the Mr Green players said: ‘’We played well, we had a good time and it’s not always about winning. Having a great time is more important!’’

The third and the last match of the group stage was no bigger success than the first two matches as our Gentlemen failed to win for the third time in a row. Quoting the captain of the team: ‘’We had a great amount of fun and I gained a lot of positive insights during the tournament. We won’t be able to perform any worse than this next year for starters, isn’t that a great thing to look forward to?!’’.

Another player suggested: ‘’I’ve got it all worked out for next year. Now that Mr Green partnered up with Celtic FC we can loan some of their players, surprise the opponents after this year’s performance and take back home the cup with the big ears!’’

Listening to the optimism of the players it looks promising for next year’s tournament!

Who’s next to make the transfer to this team full of Gentlemen?!



Wednesday 22nd November – Swieqi, Malta.

Article wrote by Bart from International CS team

Nov 28, 2017