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Welcome to the Mr Green Academy, your amuse bouche of the splendid meal that is the beginning of your Mr Green career. Just like a good amuse bouche, the Academy tantalises your taste buds giving an informative and exciting start to your future in iGaming.

You begin your journey being led by one of Mr Green’s shining stars, the marvellous Magda Rode, not only is she our nominee for Employee of the Year WIG Award but she is the key to our training program. As patient as a monk and as knowledgeable as can be in all areas of Mr Green service and procedures, Magda creates a uniquely relaxed yet informative program that is enjoyable to be part of.

“She explained everything very well while making it fun at the same time, she remained calm even when we asked the same silly questions 5,000 times. She is just great!!!” German Customer Service Specialist.

“Magda is very knowledgeable and knows how to explain things clearly. She doesn’t get confused by any question or any situation that may arise. She is confident and well-prepared while training.” Swedish Customer Service Specialist.

“Magda has been great pushing us not to just ask for the answer but to search for it. In general, I think everybody has been good and had lots of patience with us.” – VIP Account Manager.

Your Academy starts by getting to know your new work family and company. You are informed about the Mr Green mission, vision and core values, giving you a great idea of the company you have just joined and help leading all our teams to one unified goal. To be the best!

Following this, you undergo a 4 week program that teaches you about the software we use, how to approach situations, the protocols we are bound by as well as every little detail you could need to feel comfortable enough to dive in.

You are never alone during your training, you are introduced to different areas of the company by other Senior Specialists, members of different departments and specialists on the subjects. Not only does this give you a chance to meet your siblings but shows how every department in Mr Green works together, to reach that vision again, to lead within the iGaming industry!

As you begin to understand the basics you are introduced to our contact mediums, you start with emails, getting used to the types of cases we deal with daily. Once you feel comfortable with emails, and only when you feel comfortable, will Magda introduce you to live chat. 

Once you have mastered the art of live chat with the help of your amazing support network it is time for the final medium, being on the phone. Your co-workers will be more than happy to help you practice until you feel at ease and are ready to be put online for a real customer call.

To finish your training and to really drive all of that new information home, Magda has formulated an end of training test. This may sound daunting but believe me, by the time you reach this point you will have a brain overflowing with information! If you do not pass first time, do not sweat it! We will work with you on the things you do not understand until you pass with flying colours.

At Mr Green we like to reward hard work and show our employees that we appreciate them learning all this new information and so once you have passed your training you will receive a personal certificate showing just how far you have come.

Now it is time for the real deal, jump on in, meet your team members and start to get into the swing of your new career!!

Amy Swift, CS Specialist, joined MrGreen Academy in January 2017, currently International Daily Show Manager

Oct 31, 2017