Internship in KYC team

If you’re not familiar with the term KYC, we will happily explain it to you!

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer” and it’s a process by which online casinos (and not only casinos but also banks and other financial institutions) are verifying the identity of their customers. KYC process is ensuring the highest safety within online business and prevents any possible fraud.

Security of our customers is one of the key values at MrGreen, we put great effort in training our staff in KYC and compliance. Our KYC team is also growing, that is why Sandra joined the team during summer 2017 for a 3-months internship. Found out how it has ended for her in a short interview below.


Sandra, how have you found out about the vacancy at MrGreen?

My friends working at MrGreen told me that their Manager in Payments and Fraud team was looking for a very organised, detailed person but at the same time someone a bit junior within the iGaming area and willing to learn. It was a time when I have just moved to Malta from Poland where I was working as a Restaurant Supervisor in one of the most recognised brands in Europe. I applied immediately as I’ve heard a lot of good things about MrGreen. Later on… I got interview invitation! I was so happy and extremely nervous at the same time!


Have you heard about iGaming, AML and Fraud before?

Of course! I’ve got a few friends working within iGaming so I’ve heard a lot about working there, I also knew that MrGreen is a company that can provide me with great career opportunities (just look at MrGreen’s careers page to see how much we’re growing!). Few months before applying to MrGreen I have also completed an online course on AML and online fraud to learn more about different areas of iGaming and start applying for jobs in Malta.


How have you felt during your first days at MrGreen?

I was so overwhelmed in the beginning, but I also felt the extremely friendly atmosphere from the first minutes. I have joined MrGreen Academy to learn all the basics of the job, and after 2 weeks I joined the KYC team to learn about the actual job in more detail. After around a month I was working independently, but of course I had lots of questions all the time! What is important for me is that I’m surrounded by an experienced and friendly team.

You can read more about MrGreen Academy on our blog:


How would you describe your journey at MrGreen?

I feel like every day I learn a lot. I also know that there is still a lot of things to learn and I am so happy to be able to grow.  I must say I improved my English a lot as well which is important for me too. And I am so, so glad that I was given this opportunity, I was very junior within iGaming after all. I had to be trusted with this role and I hope I managed well! After 3 months my contract was extended and now I am working as a full-fledged member of the KYC team. I was literally bursting with happiness when I was offered a permanent position within the KYC team once my internship ended.

I feel so valued an empowered now, that I hope to progress even more and learn more about Payments to be able to apply for Payments and Fraud Agent role in the future. Who knows what the future can bring? 🙂


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Nov 09, 2017